#75 Pixelites In Style

I can think of nothing better than street-chic clothing in Secondlife.
That's exactly what we have with the fashion inspiration of  Lady Avalira. 
Lady Avalirea's fashion-conscious store supplies a perfect mix of effortless and
impeccably styled inspiration.
In every iteration, it's a lineup of street style that's sure to speak to a range of fashion sensibilities. Click through below for our destination for today, 
Pixelites Inc.

Destination - P I X E L I T E S  I N C . M A I N S T O R E

Top-  ::PL:: Bunny Love Tee (Group Gift from Pixelites)
Pants - PL:: Skinny Jeans (Group Gift from Pixelites)
Shoes - [Gos] Boutique - Marilyn Sandals - Black & Zebra
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 3
Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Manon" (Cat's eye)

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