#15 Swanky, MIA and Wasabi Pills

Looking back I’m amazed at many things.  I’ve survived my youth and retained the wonder that my memories bring.  How great it was in the 80's/90's as I cruised and listened to VanHalen yelling 'Jump' as loud as I could listening to the cassette whilst driving down the road.

Even just the memories of spending time alone reflecting, soul searching as I headed to my friends house; going for long walks and listening to the bell birds as they sounded overhead.

Not having a care in the world, laughing and no time to dream about what was in store, because I was living day by day. The future far from my mind...

Thinking back now, with what I have done in my life. I am still listening for those bell birds, still going for long walks, and laughing with my friends just glad that each day that passes I can share these memories with my friends and family.

Secondlife offers many places for walks and hanging out with friends and loved ones and/or even just spending time alone. So tell me where is your favorite place to spend some time alone?

One of my places I like to explore is today's destination - Garden of Dreams

Top - Swanky Crochet Top
Jeans - MIA - Mandy mesh blue jeans
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Amelia - mesh hair - Dark Flame
Skin - Belleza Elle Med 3
Eyelashes - Diamond Dust - Redgrave
Eyes - Izzies - Natural Mesh Eyes - Blue (new)
Nails - -Belleza - Nail - Passion 1
Scarf - VG Layered Scarf in Wine (Available on marketplace)

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