#14 CHEZ MOI ♥, Donna Flora and Morea Style

Wearing this gorgeous outfit from Morea Style, and this magnificent necklace from Donna Flora (Winner of the BOSL Award 2011 - Best Jewelry Designer)  and feeling inspired by this gorgeous picnic setting by Chez Moi, it occured to me what inspires people to be romantic ?

In fact, most literature that children read when growing up promotes the ultimate fantasy as the rescue of the damsel in distress, the white knight in shining armour, or the princess needing rescue.  In other words, literature and the arts generally create roles for the genders: the damsel in distress for the female, and the heroic prince for the male.

However in today's 21st century,  there are various types of romance and one that I believe still stands true. The prince needs to understand that woman not only crave the passion and ecstasy of romance, she needs it to be truly happy. When the princess is happy, she will do everything to make her prince feel like a king !

Secondlife offers various romantic destinations and animations for various couples, and for today, one little shop I found called 'Chez Moi' offers various romantic settings, furniture and items for that right moment, or for what ever prince charming or princess you desire.

Today's Destination: Chez Moi - available on Marketplace

Outfit - Morea Style City *Mandy* (Morea Style)
Hair - Exile, Take if off -  Chardonnay
Skin - LAQ ~ Ebba [Peach] 01
Eyebrows - Ivalde Skin-Medium-Pkg 4
Eyes - Izzies - Natural Mesh Eyes - Blue (new)
Eyelashes - Izzies - V1.02
Nails - -Belleza - Nail - Passion 1
Necklace - Andrea Necklace (Donna Flora)
Accessory 1 - Chez Moi Picnic Set

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