#30 It's all about 'FIEND"

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it?
Then you know what it is like to ' FIEND '.
Introducing to you this gorgeous little outfit from FIEND.
The top, and shorts are all included, and they fit perfectly.
Tell me have you ever been to FIEND? 
Our destination ride for today - FIEND
Shirt - [FIEND] Karma - Top - Ocean
Shorts - [FIEND] Karma  - with denim shorts
Hair - >TRUTH< Valerie - espresso
Skin - Izzie's - Geanna Freckles natural (body + face)
Eyes - Izzie's - Natural MESH Eyes ocean blue
Eyelashes - .: POISON :. Flirty eyelashes
Shoes - Color.Me.H.O.F [HarperPumps[Black] L
Accessories 1 - =DeLa*= Sunglasses "RG1" Swirl Black lens on head
Accessories 2 - *MLC* Dana  beige bracelet : by Mohna Lisa Couture
Accessories 3 - [Gos & oOo] Pouffe - Small - Black (for that cute pose)


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