#549 With Love this Valentines...

One day out of 365 is dedicated to those so they can highlight their love, and that day is called "Valentine's Day".

I may have mentioned this before but this day is not celebrated as much in Australia like America. Some restaurants and florists do seem to have more bookings and flowers than usual, but unfortunately the men in Australia just see it as just another day. (Can i say typical? :)

Valentine's day is '24 hours' to make the most beloved person in your life understand how deeply your love runs. As Valentine's Day draws closer, we’re definitely feeling it in Second life at the moment. So many options for you which can be a daunting task. To choose that one or more gifts that completely personifies an indescribable love for that other person, that for me is a dilemma. Christmas is bad enough trying to think of what to buy, but for Valentine's Day there seems to be so many choices, and I seriously wouldn't know what to get that was different from other people.

Did you know though, according to Irish folklore, women are allowed to propose to men only on a leap year? Have to think is it a leap year at the moment? (joking).  The folklore goes, a man was expected to pay a penalty such as a gown or, in some traditions, 12 pairs of gloves, if he refused the proposal.

If you’re thinking of solidifying your commitment to that special man in your life, what better time to pop the question than the next leap year…2016!  With just over a week and a bit to go until that special day, why not sneak away and pop into one of our destinations below and have some fun choosing that wonderful item for that special Valentine's Day. 

Balloons: - Zerkalo - Be My Valentine - 3 Balloons (New) @ The Chapter Four
Sweater: – Gizza Sophie Sweater – (New) @ The Chapter Four
Hair: – Entwined Aurora-  Light Blonde – (New) @ We <3 Role Play
Earrings:– Meva Anya Golden Earrings – (New) @ The Gacha Garden
Puppy: -  Black Bantham - Female - Pittball Puppy Brown – (New) @ The Gacha Garden

#548 Hurry along now...

"Time is not important.  Only life is important."

-the Fifth Element

Time is racing by for me right now.  A couple months ago, it was crawling past at a snails pace, which was absolute bliss.  Why ? cause I was on holidays.

Now I am back at work, I am finding myself looking at the clock, noticing the time, worrying am going to be late. My patience is now overloaded. Everything I want seems to be Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. For eg: - Hurry with my damn coffee in the morning, Hurry Up to the person that seems to be taking their time when driving, Seriously move out of the way; Hurry to the person that is making my lunch, just bloody well make it and hurry up!!. as I pull my hair out thinking I am being manic all because of time, and time is going to be the death of me. 

When I was on holidays, I had even forgotten what day it was. I didn't look at the clock much and time seemed to go very slow as I was enjoying the moments much more.  At the end of the day, i say "Wow, where did that day go?" 

Infinitely beats getting to the end of the day and saying "Well that was a horrific eternity I'd not soon repeat., which is what I seem to be doing now, and the passage of time of hurrying is over and over and over again even on my weekends. Can I not be on holidays again?

It is easy to say, don't worry about the speed of time.  Worry about the quality of it.  Are you focused on pointless drivel you don't care about?  If so I need to figure out how to focus on something else, or how to care more about it.  

So for now as I am walking my little doggie and everything inside of me is saying 'Hurry Up", you need to focus on the important stuff, as that is what really counts!!.

 Destinations: - Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper– S& P Boots - Maitreya - (Mara) – (New) @ Wayward Event - Salt and Pepper
Modulus:  - Modulus - Nibiru Hoody - Womens with hair – (New) @ Shiny Shabby


#547 A place to meet and greet

As some of you know, Neva Zenga (Neva Crystall) has created a unique and new special place called ‘Neva River Village’. This beautiful village with its sea fairing homes, romantic walkways and the fact that you can imagine hearing and smelling the salt air as it lingers hauntingly inviting you to come again for another visit. This has become a special place of mine and one that I invite you to visit.

This got me thinking, what is it that makes a place special? Is there anything we can do to make wherever we are the same? Before attempting to define what makes a place special it would be good to also recognize that some locations are considered special because of their “energy’. These special energy locations are often called vortexes. According to Wikipedia, a vortex is any circular or rotary flow” including air, liquid or energy.

When people refer to an energy vortex location, they are usually addressing places where that “flow” is more palatable to certain people.  Popular locations where energy vortexes are said to exist are Stonehenge in England, or Ayers Rock in Australia. Some claim that the energy in these locations enhances prayer, meditation and healing. Regardless of whether a person accepts the concept of energy vortex locations, the awareness of our planet as a living system makes the idea understandable.  Although Energy Vortex locations may influence how we perceive a place, they are not the only criteria we use to acknowledge that a place is special and unique to us when we are there.

Here are three ways to describe what makes a place special:

  • Our unique personal connection to land or a place. Probably the most common definition of a special place is one that is special to us alone.  If the place where you grew up was especially nurturing and secure, then chances are that every time you return there you will still feel that resonance. This type of relationship to place isn’t always apparent to others—but it is palatable to those who have positive memories and a physical link to a specific location. Remember, we are meaning seeking individuals and if we find meaning somewhere, it will become special to us
  • The people or connections in any given place. Just about any place in the world can be special if the people you love and care about are gathered there together. Like they say, “home is where the heart is. Likewise, if you have a special calling or occupation tied to a location that can make it even more special.
  • The uniqueness of a place. In addition to locations of natural beauty, there is something within most people that also responds to unusual or unique locations or monuments as well. Many times a group or community of people will be attracted to a special location for one reason or another, and in that place they will build something unique as a way to relate to it.
Ultimately, while it is wonderful to visit and enjoy unique and special places around the planet—it is even better to like to come home to where you live, so why not make a place for yourself at ‘Neva River Village’.

Showcasing for you today, I bring to you the awesome collection of works from the following artists: -

 Destinations: - Knick Knacks @ Shiny Shabby , Fancy Décor and Neva River Village

Knick Knacks: – Rappelle - Toi-De Paris – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Knick Knacks: – Rappelle – Les Boltes Empitees– (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Fancy Decor: – File Cabinet – (New) @ Kustom 9 - Fancy Décor

Pic: - Taken at Neva River Village

#546 The whites of the water are but hidden flowers..

When I was younger I used to say to my parents, look at those whites in the water.
My parents jokingly used to say, they aren’t whites but Seahorses jumping around for the Lady of the Sea who is dropping flowers into the ocean. Never questioning it, I also used to believe that the ocean was always blue and that one day I would meet the lady of the ocean.
Believe me after all these many years, no matter how many times I swim in the ocean; there is no lady of the sea but damn sharks instead!!

A common misconception that I had about the ocean being blue is believed by many of us, that the reason for the blueness was due to the reflections from the sky on its surface. This is not true.
The real reason the ocean is blue is because water, pure water, is blue. According to its frequency spectra, water is a very light shade of turquoise blue. You need a huge amount of it to really see its color. It’s like a teaspoon of oil, it looks transparent on a white spoon, but in the bottle looks yellowish.  If the ocean owed its color to the sky, it would be a different shade of blue and it would be white on cloudy days. You can see clouds reflected in the surface on the sea, but they don’t completely change its color.  Some constituents of sea water can influence the shade of blue you see in the ocean. This is why it can look greener or bluer in different areas.

However, the ‘lady of the sea keeps dropping those flowers’ into the ocean and those whites that you see, just means it is a rough current, and that it is getting or about to be windy!! J

Showcasing for you today, I bring to you the awesome collection of works from the following artists: -

Destinations: - Ariskea, LODE, Meva @ Shiny Shabby , and Gizza Creations

Ariskea: – Chic Baby – Rose Baby’s breath – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Ariskea: – Chic Baby – Viene Baby’s breath – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Ariskea: – Chic Baby – Viene Baby’s breath (hanging) – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Lode: – Lode Head Accessory – Melody (Vintage Rose)– (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Meva: – Meva Vintage Necklace (Brown) – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Pritty – Rootless – Blonde Hair – Hyuna @ Instore
Gizza: - Gizza Urban Princess – Tutu @ Gizza Creations
Gizza; - Gizza Joy Racerback Tank – (Grey) - @ Gizza Creations

 Pose: - Bauhaus Movement – Sunshine @ Instore



#545 Lost in Rosie

We are naturally aspirational creatures, and can’t help chasing after perfection. Nearly every person on the planet wishes they had perfect skin or the perfect body. The funny thing about perfection is that it’s a slippery concept. 300 years ago the ideal woman had small breasts, round hips and thunder thighs. In 1920s America a flat chested boyish figure with a round face and teeny tiny lips was the beauty ideal. Women would actually bind their breasts in order to achieve a flatter look. I most definitely am glad I was not born in the 1920’s.

Effectively, you are not the one who decides how to be beautiful, the culture around you does, through the movies, fashion advertisements and editorials it produces. Ideals change with the trends. One small spark can set off a forest fire, and all it takes is one small seed of an idea to be planted to change how everyone sees the world. Before the young and very girlish Kate Moss came along models were women. Supermodels like Cindy Crawford had curves, muscles and broadness. Their whole presence was about feminine strength. But Kate Moss transfixed everyone with what was considered a strange kind of beauty at the time. Kate was small, short, extremely thin and charmingly imperfect. Editors pointed out how she had the look of a heroin addict, and then called her a “heroin chic” – in which a radically new form of beauty was born. It was the spark that set the whole industry on fire.

Photoshop the programme was launched on February 19, 1990, just four months before Kate Moss’ big modeling debut on the cover of The Face magazine. It was a remarkable coincidence. Photoshop would go on to have as profound an effect on the fashion industry as Kate would have on the appearance of models. It was a decided turning point in our cultural perception of beauty – a point at which our standards and expectations would begin to grow unreasonably high. Skin would become waxy smooth, teeth flawlessly white, the body without a single fold, wrinkle, vein or bulge. Suddenly smiling faces had no natural laugh lines and slouching bodies no sign of skin folds. These are simply things that all bodies do, but thanks to the extensive use of Photoshop in the media, the natural began to be not quite what our real bodies and faces are supposed to look like.

In Secondlife the flawless beauty still remains, the slight curve of the waist but the long elongated legs is still around. Such beauty is what our designer for the day has created for us and that being Elysium, and the beauty that awaits you of ‘Rosie’.

In Secondlife there is no harm to use Photoshop, but do you think we should be photoshopping real beauty? Isn’t the flaws all a matter of who we all are?

Showcasing for you today, I bring to you the awesome collection of works from the following artists: -

 Destinations: - Elysium @ Shiny Shabby , Tableau Vivant and Emery @ Collabor88

 Elysium Rosie Skin: – (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Tableau Vivant: – Twist Hair  - Blonde – (New) @ Collabor88
Emery Station Crop Top: – (New) @ Collabor88

#544 Time to clean out my ... Inventory

My problem might seem pretty trivial but it is a huge issue in my life – it's MESS.

I am such a neat freak, but of late I seem to be having an OCD issue. OCD being (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) . OCD is a disorder of the brain and behavior, yes that’s me. OCD causes severe anxiety in those affected involving in my case ‘mess!!  I am becoming obsessive about it, and it seems to take up a lot of time and energy from me.

I work full time in a job that sometimes and often encroaches into the evening. If you walk into my place, you would see timber floors, fairly clean with the occasional cat hair floating across the surface; you would see everything neat and in place. However, if you open a cupboard you see marks, stains, dirt and I get so frustrated I can’t seem to have the time to clean up – you know the build-up you get in a pantry.. GROAN. - the marks you get sometimes from the Soy Sauce bottles, or grime that seems to develop over time and stain the cupboards. I HATE IT, and I clean it but then the OCD part in me screams, HELP!!!.

I am sure people will just say tidy up, clean when you can and I seem to spend my life just doing that, but I have come to the conclusion that I must be completely inefficient to be so ineffective.  I am bright, intelligent, but maintaining a tidy home is fine, but CLEAN home is a different story, in the way others manage seems beyond me at the moment.

I am greatly sentimental about possessions and regularly try to have purges and chuck things out, but it is the day-to-day management that I seem to find impossible when it comes to cleaning drawers and cupboards, most especially pantries.

The other OCD part in me is organising my Secondlife Inventory, seriously I cry. It is truly a mess. In comparison to others I don’t have the 100,000’s of goodies anymore, only 34,000, items misplaced and scattered. However the OCD in me SCREAMS, and I so wish someone would develop a better inventory programme that we can see pictures and it is easy to organise. PLEASE PLEASE!!! J

Showcasing for you today, I bring to you the awesome collection of works from the following artists: -
Destinations: - Apple Fall @ Shiny Shabby , Fancy Décor and Zerkalo @ Monsieur Chic
Apple Fall Country Hall extras: - Books and Maps – (New)@ Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall Country Hall extras: – Crumpled Newspaper  (New) @ Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall Country Hall extras: – Long Curtain  (New) @ Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall Country Hall extras: – Verdant Oil Painting  (New) @ Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall Country Hall extras: – Victorian Radiator (New) @ Shiny Shabby

Fancy Décor: – Adler Desk (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Fancy Décor: – B&W Rug (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Fancy Décor: – Stacked Boxes (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Fancy Décor: – Wall Stud (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Fancy Décor: – White/Gold Office Supplies (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Zerkalo – Black Line: – Chair Adult (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Zerkalo – Black Line: – Frames Limited Edition (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Zerkalo – Black Line: – Blackline Table (New) @ Monsieur Chic

Moon Curtain: – Cinphul

Pickers Ladder: – Junk

Attic Sink Pile: – DRD

Fall Harvest Barn: – Pixel Mode

Drafting Board: – Junk

Morrison Wall Art: - Junk

Pic: Taken at ’It all starts with a smile’