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#392 I need more time with Legal Insanity and GizzA

When I first heard this song, "More Time" from Need to Breathe, from PS I love you, it captured my thoughts today so well. I had mentioned in the past that my mother suffers from severe dementia, to the point today her happiness is my priority and that she is comfortable. I am getting used to not hugging her anymore, but my Dad is so confused and so scared. He dosen't understand. I so want to hear her say Hello and Love you, instead the message is words that don't make sense.

As the song says to "say what's on your mind". I plead for her to recognise me, I plead that her eyes will light up when I walk in the room, she gives a big smile and says she is ok. I only hope that she is happy and comfortable and not frustrated.  The nurses call me daily now, and give me updates and plans have been made for her next stage in life, with a lot of duress from Dad as we nearly lost her over the Christmas Period.

As the song says: "I promise you the world again, hope you could understand, please don't worry now. I need more time, just a few more months and we'll be fine, So say what is on your mind, cause I can't figure out what's inside".

Wishing to you all that no one you know will ever have to go through this horrible disease and crossing fingers and toes and everything else 2015 brings cures for many illnesses.

Wearing the Legal Insanity gift for all group members, the gorgeous and warm Penguin Puffer Jacket with the cute new boots from Gizza and the new hair from Vanity Hair, I bring to you our destination for today:-

Destination: - Legal Insanity and GizzA Creations

Skin: Glam Affair Amberley Skin 11
Hair: - Vanity Hair - Karma in Brown (New)

Boots: - Gizza Pop Boots (New) from GizzA Creations
Jacket: - Legal Insanity - Penguin Puffer Jacket (Group Gift) (New)

Pants: - Ison Side Lace Pants
Sledge: - Hideki Sledge
Firewood: - Stacked Firewood by Botanical
Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Leda


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#391 A little window shopping with Zanze, Apple Fall, and Bauhaus Movement

You probably know that buying certain things are cheaper at certain times. Whether you're buying airfare tickets, dining out, shopping online, or buying anything else, there is often a "best time to buy."  Every year year, for me it is the January sales. I hate the Christmas rush but once Christmas has passed I would do anything to get an early park and beat the hassle to mark my territory to get the post Christmas Sales in January. I am the shop keepers dream, well not really ;p. When stores are trying to push out old stock when they're dropping prices I am there waiting for the doors to open.

I tend to do a bit of window shopping prior. Giving away my sneaky habits now. If I find a skirt, dress or top that I like in my size I move it to a different area and hide them altogether, hoping and praying that it is not moved until I come by the next day to obtain during the sale. Of course sometimes as it is hidden it is not marked down but I check the prices and they then have to go check. But at least I have my items :)

For now though, I bring to you a destination that cannot be missed and that is Seasons Story.
Some amazing designers have prepared items just for you and one of which is Apple Fall.
Falling in love as usual, I bring to you some awesome gacha items available now.
Wearing the amazing new design from Zanze (thankyou Fuzz) just perfect for the cold winter with the awesome and creative pose by Bauhaus Movement (xx to Lou Lou).

Picture taken at: Riverland - Opening later this year

Destination:Zanze,  Apple Fall, and Bauhaus Movement

Skin: Glam Affair Amberley Skin 11 (New)
Hair: - Tableau Vivant - Myst Hair

Poncho - Zanze - Jolina (New @ Zanze)
Pants: - Zanze - Jolina Front tied pants (New @ Zanze)

Sideboard: - Apple Fall - Neva Sideboard (New @ The Chapter Four)
Laundry Basket: - Apple Fall - Neva Laundry Basket (New @ The Chapter Four)
Cottage: - Scarlet Creative - Woodsman Cottage
Rug: - Dust Bunny Braided Rug
Love Birds: - Scarlet Creative - Arcade Love Birds
Pose: -  Absinthe 1 by Bauhaus Movement
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#390 The Imaginary is what tends to become real with Apple May Designs and Bauhaus Movement

“It is only through fiction and the dimension of the imaginary that we can learn something real about individual experience." Mischa Moyet

I can't describe it in detail. Because there simply is no detail. The Imaginary world is a place that's free to change into anything that you want it to be. It's this amazing place that be in the clouds or under the sea; in space or back in time. Wherever it is and whatever it may be, it's the place where my heart, my mind, and my spirit can just flow and fly and escape. This is what Secondlife is to me.  A way of capturing my dreams and transferring that to a reality.

Is it just me or does reality really have us in shackles? Aren't we forced to accept all the formality that comes with our society? We can be free! If only in our minds or when online, to escape from reality and if my mind is all I have. .. then I'll take what I can get and enjoy learning something about me.


Picture taken atNeva River Serendipity

Destination: - Apple May Designs, and Bauhaus Movement

Hair: - Truth Hair - Aspen

Vest: - Faun Linx Fur Vest (New)
Skirt: - Mistress High Waist Leather Skirt (Black) (New) @ Apple May Designs

Pose: - My Belle Pose 13 by Bauhaus Movement (New) @Collabor88


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#389 If children ran Christmas what a magical day it would be with Maitreya

What a wonderous sight it would be if Children ran Christmas. You can imagine, there would be all the treats on the table, chocolate galore, sweets and candys, softdrink and smiles like cheshire cats. All the bunnies hopping around the room, kittens and puppies on every chair, balloons filling the room all sorted of colours and all the wishes that you can imagine with the family being together. Grandparents reaching out for big warm hugs and story telling galore giving them lots of cuddles and most importantly at the head of the table would be Santa himself celebrating Christmas with the family.
If Christmas was about wishing, wouldn't it be fantastic to have just one wish to have a magical Christmas Day. I asked a few friends children what they wanted for a perfect Christmas and these are just some of the items that were mentioned above. I am glad to see that today’s children appreciate the magic of spending Christmas with their families  and helping those in need, in addition to getting presents and eating all the Christmas cake (or lobbying for it to be banished from the table, in the case of one childs request)!  In addition to the responses mentioned above, some children wanted to: “Fill the house with lots of magic", and magic it will be for you all.

Hope Santa brings you lots of pressies xx  One sleep to go!!

Wearing the so amazing new Maitreya mesh body released today, and some assorted clothes from Maitreya with one new VIP gift, I bring to you the destination for today, with a sneak peek at the Maitreya Mesh Body and how it works from Strawberry Singh. - The hud is truly awesome, no need for extra hands/feet, it comes with the lot which is compatible with Slink. Is perfect and so easy to work with clothes.


Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body Lara (New) with pre-packaged skin tones from Glam Affair which you can see under skin presets on the HUD. I am wearing the Glam affair America tone that came with this body.
Hair: - Truth Hair - Aspen with hat (New)
Shirt: - Maitreya Smoke Half Tucked Shirt (Spring Collection)
Jeans: - Maitreya  dirty boyfriend Jeans slim
Shoes: - Maitreya VIP gift - Plum (New)
Pose: - Del May - A Little Respite


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#388 Remembering the Year that was, with Faun, Moon, Haikei and Bauhaus Movement

Sometimes it is hard to look back and remember a year that has passed. You think to yourself, what have I done, what have I achieved, what new years resolution did I make and fail. So many thoughts go through your head when you celebrate on the clock at midnight on the 31st December of each year.
When you look back and hear all the famous stars that have passed on, you think life is going way too fast. Remembering stars such as:
  • Robin Williams - will comedy ever be the same again?
  • Joe Cocker - the romance and husky songs that man could sing, So sad, cancer has affected another. Will they ever find a cure?
  • Shirley Temple - Child star that was ever so sweet and those curls :)
  • Gough Whitlam - Our lovely old Prime Minister and what he achieved.
  • Ann Davies - The delightful star from the Brady Bunch, Brady Bunch always remembers the maid.
  •  Phillip Hughes - Such a tragic loss, our young Australian cricketer.
  • Charlotte Dawson - Fashion and modelling worlds have shone a little less brightly ever since the passing of Charlotte Dawson.
  •  Oscar de la Renta - We mourned this awesome fashion designer and so many others.
Sharing with you all those that will never be forgotten.

Destinations:N21 Event and Kustom 9

Vest: - Faun Linx Grey Vest New @ Kustom 9
Jersey: - Faun Gigi Leather Sleeved Jersey New @ Kustom 9

Hair: - Moon Hair - She Waits @ N21 Event
Leggings: - Tres Blah Knitted Leggings

Chair: - Zigana Lazy Chair

House: - Haikei Outdoor Open House

Cat Sitting - (fd) cat sitting
Hot Chocolate: - Erratic Home Hot Chocolate
Pose: by Bauhaus Movement

#387 Bringing in the new year 2015 with Fameshed

On the 1st of the month, January, 2015, Fameshed will be opening it's doors and what an amazing collection they have for you all. Designers a plenty such as Trompe Loeill, Little Bones, Redgrave, Coco, CheekyPea, 22769, Aria, Pixel Mode to name a few.

Opening it's doors at midnight, Fameshed is ready and waiting for you to celebrate the new year.

Destination: - Fameshed (Coming soon) - 1/1/2015.