#504 "Gossip" with Eyelure, C'est La Vie, and Essenz

I saw Finding Nemo and am convinced that the seagulls say "Mine!" But my friend reckons they say "Mate!" After all, they are Australian seagulls. I'm Australian, and I can sort of (sort of!) see how you could think they're saying "Mate!" because if you exaggerate the Aussie accent and squawk like a seagull, you could be mistaken to think they're saying "Mate!"

Seagulls always squabble over food, hence me believing that they are saying "Mine!" Like they're putting dibs on the food, be it Nemo's dad and Dory, or the crab that Dory holds out of the water, or those damn chips that Alles Klaar was talking about on Flickr - for eg: - 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/mischamoyet/20764162202/in/dateposted-public/ ..am hearing you Alles they are one greedy sod's :D. 

As soon as food pops up, the most observant one goes "Mine!" but of course then all the others join in. Saying "Mate!" isn't funny, unless it's taking a cheap shot at Aussies, which I doubt Pixar would do. Whereas having brainless birds saying "Mine!" while squabbling over food makes perfect sense. Whatever they are honestly saying, I have no doubt they are the biggest gossipers on the planet. When it comes to gossip and secondlife that is a different story. 

I have always been myself, one that totally avoids gossip to the point I lost a friend once for finding out that in fact they were not male but female. It never bothered me, but it did in fact make the relationship a little strained as I was curious why they wanted people to not know the truth and they were unfortunately telling a lie and hurting others in making people believe of their other identity. Whatever the reason I liked them as they were, who they were, I loved that person actually and we were good friends. Because I had found out the truth, they pushed me away, but realise that by asking them the truth, in fact I was gossiping and am ashamed for doing that and have learnt my lesson.

So what is your opinion do gulls say Mate or Mine? 

Wearing the gorgeous new dress from Eyelure with the new Dulcie Bag from C'est La Vie, I bring to you our destination for today:- 

Dress: - Eyelure Fitmesh Summer Dress  -Watermelon (New) @ Eyelure
Bag: - C'est La Vie - Dulcie Bag (New) @ Kustom 9
Shoes: - Essenz Amsterdam (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Hair: - Tableau Vivant - Whispers Hair Blonde
Skin: - Glam Affair - Amberly Skin 11 America

Pose: - Del May Weary Listener
Pic: - Taken @ Baby's Ear

#503 Enjoy the little moments in life before they pass you by..

At times, it’s seemed as though life contains an endless supply of days. I thought this for sure when I was younger. It didn't matter how long I held a grudge or how long I waited to do something the days and time seem to go sooo slowly. It was like watching the hand on the clock and thinking this is my life, lets Party!!, Go see friends, live each day as quick and learn as much as possible, or just honestly time was not even a mention in our lives at that age, except for the strong warning be home before the street lights come on.
Maybe it’s a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, the moment when you realize life happens a lot quicker now. It doesn't really hit you when you merely know it intellectually, like you know your ABCs, state capitals, and other concrete facts. It hits you when somehow you feel it. Your health declines, your dentist tells you that you have a cavity, you don't spring back as fast as you thought you could when someone crash tackles you, or when people you know tend to be knocking on heavens door a lot faster these days. It isn't until you realize that all life fades that you consider life now a commodity, and a scarce one at that.
So I say, that we take each day as it comes sure, but don't forget the little moments in life, and pay it back often..
1. Live in the moment. Forget the past and don’t concern yourself with the future. (Tanner Christensen)
2. Fully embrace the now, no matter what the situation. (Patrick Flynn)
3. Do the things you love. (Diego Felipe Villa Serna)
4. Learn to forgive and embrace unconditional love. (Ann Glasgow)
5. Live every day as if it’s your last, embracing each experience as if it’s your first. (Jennifer Fertado)
6. Believe in “live and let live.” (Satyendra Pandey)
7. Use quiet reflection, honesty, and laughter. (Erin Rogers Kronman)
8. Be other-centered. (Tricia Mc)
9. Find calm in making art. (Z.r. Hill) and for no 10: - 
10. Focus on today and how you can do your best to live it to the fullest. (Amelia Krump)

For now though I bring to you destinations that cannot be missed, before time runs out and that is: -
Destinations: - The Cosmopolitan Event and No 21
Outfit: - Indrya Miri Top and Shorts Romper Set by Indyra Originals (New) @ Indyra
Heels: - Reign Gladiator Heels (New) @ No 21
Hair: - Truth Hair Arden (Light Blonde)
Ring: - Meva White Flower Set  (New) @ The Cosmopolitan Event

Pose: Black Moor by Bauhaus Movement
Pic: Taken at Strings by Cica Ghost

#502 Move over Dr Who, Alles and Mischa are in town with Molichino

Well you had all heard that one awesome designer was closing her store the other day. This blog post is courtesy of Alles Klaar and myself to say thankyou and farewell and to hope that you will return again soon.

With the closing down announced - owner/designer - Aurelia Chauveau, stated the below: ..

MOLiCHiNO is closing its doors after 4 years in Second Life. This decision has been a tough one, but it feels like the right one. MOLiCHiNO began at a point in my life where I needed an outlet for my creativity. I have enjoyed every minute of creating fashion for the women of Second Life since then. I have participated in many events, fashion shows, met a whole bunch of incredible people along the way.
Some questions you might ask:
When is the in-world store and marketplace closing? Sunday August 16th at Midnight SLT (Gives you all day Sunday to shop) All MOLiCHiNO products will be removed and wont ever be available again after this date.
Why are you closing MOLiCHiNO? It is a tough question to answer, it is just a feeling that now is the right time to end the journey of MOLiCHiNO.
Am I leaving Second Life? No. I’ll still log in every day!
Am I going to stop creating for Second Life entirely? I don’t think so. I will definitely create if I feel like it.
Am I going to re-open MOLiCHiNO sometime again in the future? No. The brand has special meaning to me and I will always remember it. But it’s time to move on.
Am I going to open a new store? Possibly. Who knows what the future holds.
Unfortunately there is no destination this time, but Alles and I wish you well and look forward to the day that you return <33

Dress: - Molichino - Maggy Dress
Hair: - Entwined Hair - Abella
Veil Silver: - Lagyo MayLea Veil Headpiece Silver
Bangle: - Meva White Bangle
Polar Bear: - Ispachi Polar Bear
Pic: taken at Baby's Ear

#501 Sands of Time with Zerkalo, Purple Moon, Tableau Vivant and Meva

For my '501' post (YAY), I would like to thank my southern friend Alles for her amazing creativity and her awesomeness in being a good friend, photographer and mate.

The story behind this pic today, is that I was looking for somewhere we could blog one of my favorite designers and that being Zerkalo. I wanted to showcase Zerkalo's great works from the latest event @ Enchantment.

I had seen so many people dressed as mermaids, and Zerkalo themselves had created the fantastic picture decor item being "Little Mermaid" with the peaceful scene in water. Alles says to me "I can be a mermaid?. I said what if we did something totally different. So we nutted it out for a while and then voila, the imagination took hold. That we pretended to walk through a sandy desert to find ourselves a mermaid. So without further ado, a little adapted from what we had originally thought I would like to share with you today, our destinations for today:-

Destinations: - Enchantment, Vintage and Cool FairThe Cosmopolitan Event, and The Shiny Shabby Event

Mischa Wearing: -
Bustier and Trouser: - Purple Moon - Bustier (New) @ Vintage and Cool Fair
Bangle, Ring:  - Meva White Flower Set (New) @ The Cosmopolitan Event
Hair: - Entwined Martina - Light Blonde (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Hat: - E-Clipse Wanted Cowboy Hat
Couch: - Zerkalo Little Mermaid  - Couch (New) @ Enchantment
Armchair: - Zerkalo Little Mermaid  - Armchair (New) @ Enchantment
Cactus: - Half Deer Cactus (New)
Pot: - Kunst Pot 3 (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Beach Sign: -  Beach Sign by Alex Bader

Alles wearing:

Hair: - Tableau Vivant // Martin hair - \w metals … made by M4ri1yn Magic. Available now at the latest round of Shiny Shabby, which is open until September 15th .
Earring left and Right:Meva Carnival... made by Mea Carnell.
Meva Carnival earring right ... made by Mea Carnell.
Purchased as a set at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is open from August 12th through until September 12th. 
Head: - LeLutka.Mesh Head-LOTTE v1.1 ... made by JadenArt Resident.
Lipstick: - no. 7 [ Cupcake Lipsticks ] Lelutka Head Applier - teal sprinkles ... made by Shortcake Sugarplum. The full range of Cupcake Lipsticks which features both tattoo layers and appliers for the LeLutka and TMP mesh heads is available at the current round of The Instruments which is open from August 18th until September 6th. 
Shape: - StrawberrySingh.com - Indira Shape S Standard Size ... made by Strawberry Singh. Modified a bit by me - the hands are now set at 10. 
Cuff:Meva Carnival Upper Arm Cuff left and Right made by Mea Carnell. Purchased at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is open from August 12th through until September 12th. 
Talons: - [CX] Lethal Talons (Gold) Maitreya - F - L (Size 10) ... made by Kamayari Resident.
These delightful creations were purchased at the May/June round of KUSTOM9 but are available instore now.
Clothes: - GizzA - Bonnie Set [Black] Size S ... made by Giz Seorn. Each colour set of this outfit has a HUD which allows you to change the colour of the top and the belt. 
Heels: - Glamistry : ANGELICA Heels - maitreya L/R ... made by Glamistry Resident.

#500 Cassie is mixing with the Wrong-Right! crowd with Gizza Creations, Zerkalo and Truth

I have so many blogs to complete, I sort of got happy snappy in Flickr for a while and then went YIKES!! I've forgotten to blog the items. 

I must say that one of my designers that I blog for she was streaming out clothes as fast as I could blink and that being GizzA Creations. I just truly adore Gizza's clothes, and I hope you do as well.

Wearing the beautiful new 'Cassie Outfit' which entails - Double Shirt, and a gorgeous platted Skirt which i wear in Beige above, with the beautiful creatiions of Zerkalo being my backdrop for today, with her Secret Hideout available @ TMD. So hurry before you miss out the next round starts soon, I bring to you our destinations for today: -

Destination: - Gizza Creations, TMD and Truth

Hair: - Truth Hair - He Loisa (New) @ Truth
Outfit: - GizzA Cassie Outfit - Double Platted Shirt in Blk, and Platted Skirt in Beige (New) @ Gizza
Table: - Zerkalo Secret Hideout Crate Table (New) @ TMD
Old Couch: - Zerkalo Secret Hideout Couch (Adult) (New) @ TMD
Head:  - Lelutka Mesh Head Stella.

Pose:  - Contained within Old Couch - Zerkalo Secret Hideout Couch

#499 Calling Heaven, the Gates are closed with Indyra, Dead Dollz, Luxe, and Swallow

I have always wished there was a way that we could call Heaven to make a call to our loved ones that have passed. Imagine if you could. We always say to our friends, kids, and loved ones, - "Call me when you get there", when a loved one walks out the door.

It seems often I say that just to make sure they have arrived safely.  It is weird that once a person dies you don't seem to know did they arrive their safely? Are they ok? Am sure they are.

You say to your loved ones to call me when you get there because you want to know that they have arrived to their destination safely. Once we know this we can relax. Right?

Some of you may have experienced it, but sometimes we wish for that sign that they have arrived safely and that they miss and love us. Wouldn't it be great to make that phone call....

Wearing the beautiful new creations from Dead Dollz and holding onto the creative handbag from Indyra called " Last Call" and the gorgeous new bracelet from Luxe, I bring to you our destinations for today: -

Destination:The Cosmopolitan Event

Hair: - Entwined Olive - Instore
Outfit: - Carolina Aqua - includes Scarf - (Dead Dollz) (New) @ The Cosmopolitan Event
Bag: - Indrya Last Call - Tote Romance (New) @ The Cosmopolitan Event
Bracelet: - Luxe - Margi Cuff - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Makeup: - Swallow Hollywood Lipstick - Lelutka Applier with Mesh Head Stella