#540 Who needs a jacket when there is alcohol to warm the soul and body...

Shiny Shabby opens it's doors to you all tomorrow at midday - 20th November, 2015.
What an amazing line up is available to you all, some of which include: - Serenity Style, Knick Knacks, Sys, The Little Branch, Haikei, Zerkalo, Essenz, Amacci, Elysium, and Elikatira  just to name a few.

What you may not know is that each month there is an theme behind each month for Shiny Shabby. The theme for November is inspired by the one and only Johnny Depp. Neva Crystall creates a theme for the designers to work upon and each month releases to the designers what is the theme.
To see some Neva's inspirations for this month's Shiny Shabby, come take a peek at:-  https://www.pinterest.com/ncrystall/jonny-depp-the-inspiration-shiny-shabby-november/

Wearing the beautiful creation from Sys called the 'Janis Shirt and Kult Jeans', with some adorable décor from Knick Knack and Serenity Style, which I list below, I bring to you destination coming tomorrow and some other destinations you can visit today while you wait.

Come take a walk to our destinations for today: -

Destination: - Shiny Shabby. The Enchantment, On9

Shirt and Pants: - Janis Shirt and Kult Jeans - SyS - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Hat: - Johnny Hat - by Serenity Style (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Script: - The new world film script - by Serenity Style (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Flask: - Johnny Flask - by Serenity Style (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Ottoman: - It must be love Ottoman - Knick Knack (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Chair:- It must be love Chair - Knick Knack (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Tree: - Enchanted Tree - by The Little Branch (New) @ The Enchantment
Necklace: - Kunglers Extra Dulce Necklace Leather Jasper (New) @ On9
Shrub: - We're closed Summer Shrub
Hair: - Entwined Abella Blonde Hair

Pose:-  Bauhaus Movement - Ballerina 10


#535 “When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen.” ~Jackson Pollock

Apple Fall delights us once again with one of their latest creations and that being the

The Old Manufactory started out life as a small, quaint hall; used for special gatherings and was seen as a small monument in its’ landscape. The original part of the hall consisted of the one large room, the original stone building. It had heavy terracotta tiled roofing and some ornate molding details, some of which are still present and so the story goes from Love to Decorate blog.

I am constantly amazed at the outstanding work of our designers in SL and how they can create an item that is part of our real life. In reading the blog from Love to Decorate it states that 'The factory' was in use from 1923; the company’s’ founding year, all the way up to the mid 1990’s, when the company decided to vacate the property to move to a larger premises. The building has laid bare since, and is waiting for a new owner to create the next stage in its’ history in which I have made this my home in Secondlife.

Apart from the awesome design, Apple Fall have also created some beautiful décor which I showcase for you today, so what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Old Manufactory House: -  Apple Fall Old Manufactory House (New) @ TLC
Victorian Radiator: - Apple Fall Victorian Radiator (New) @ TLC
Dutch Parlour Chair: - Apple Fall Dutch Parlour Chair (New) @ TLC
Card Catalogue (White): - Apple Fall Card Catalogue in white (New) @TLC
Cat Prints: - Apple Fall Cat Print (New) @ TLC
Industrial Lamp: - Apple Fall Industrial Lamp (New) @ TLC
Ceramic Bottle: - Apple Fall Ceramic Bottle (New) @ TLC
Handpainted Scandinavian Bowls: - Apple Fall Scandinavian Bowls
Old Stool ( Dark): - Zerkalo Old Stool Dark
Liberty Sketchbook: - Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook (modified)
Still Life Observation: - Apple Fall Still Life Observation
Breakfast Books: - Apple Fall Breakfast books
Book: - Jane Eyre Book from Fancy Decor
Rug: - Grey Rug from Fancy Décor
Phone Dock: - Aloe Phone Dock - from Fancy Decor
Socks: - Fri.day Cozy Sock (New) @ Fri.day by Darling Monday
Art Class Crayons: - Sari Sari Art Class Crayons

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Muse 1

#534 Home by the sea with Cinphul

It can be in the city, in the country, by the slopes or by the sea. Wherever your home is, it means so much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s your base for everything. Your home can be your passion or place of work. Your home can be a place to relax, to share family time, and to plan your future. Coming home gives us comfort... provides us with space to pause, take stock and mull things over. We are free to do whatever we want to do, the freedom that home brings.
Home is the ultimate dream you’ve been wanting for ever. A reality, so it’s worth looking after, whether you own it or rent it.  Your home is a place to get away from it all—like, really get away—but perhaps the thought of roughing it in the wilderness without modern conveniences isn't your thing. That's why the house by the sea is my fantasy, or at least my vacation destination, at least in my dreams when I am stuck at work, thinking I wish I could hear the waves and the ocean, only to stare at three walls, a open door and glass. So I have created this little picture of the last place I travelled too in RL which was similar to the above.

Cinphul have created this home by the sea which is perched for this benefit on Neva River’s land, this being our destination for today.
So what is your home? Do you have your dream home? Do you have a home by the sea? What is your fantasy destination.

For now though our destination for today is:

Destination: - Cinphul

House: - Cinphul Betani (New) @ Cinphul (contact Imokon Neox)
Tree: - Autumn Tree - from We're Closed

#533 All bloggers and designers need a mental break

No 1 horror of being a blogger, when you create a picture and you forget to post it. Ugggh.
One such post is this I share with you today. The theme of this blog is about Mental Health and well us bloggers and designers, need to take a time off here and then to catch up or what I call a mental health day. In my line of work, I see copious people take sick days just to have that rest that is needed away from their hectic life, so I say to them rather than take a sick day, unless you are really sick, if you work some longer hours I will grant that mental health day for you. I can tell you that the number of sick days have decreased and everyone returns back to work from their mental health day more willing to give the job a go and their productivity increases. The smiles on their faces say everything!!

I have the same opinion with SL, we all need to take a break away from our screen, even if it is only half  a day, the rest is important to our health, and our well being.

Did you know that good mental health is a sense of wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. It enables us to fully enjoy and appreciate other people, day-to-day life and our environment. When we are mentally healthy we can:
form positive relationships
  • form positive relationships;
  • use our abilities to reach our potential;
  • deal with life’s challenges and don't we have a lot of those sometimes.
We can improve our mental health by following these few tips: -
  • exercise regularly
  • eat healthy meals
  • get enough sleep
  • spend time with friends and loved ones
  • develop new skills
  • relax and enjoy your hobbies
  • set realistic goals
  • talk to your GP or a health professional if there is anything concerning you.
Why not talk to your manager, your family, your loved ones and say to them, today I am not cleaning, today I am not going on SL, I am having a mental health day.

With Shiny Shabby closing for the month of November, our new December month has awesome clothes, accessories and décor awaiting for you. More pics to come there...

For now though, below is some items from the previous Shiny Shabby - month of November, available all in store.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk on the 20th November, for our destination for today: -

Destination: - Shiny Shabby

Shirt and Jacket: - LpD - Ileana Jacket (Blue) and shirt is Blue/Brown @ Instore
Hair: -Monso - My hair - Minju in Dark Brown @ Instore
Vase: - Cinphul Fuzzy Vase @ Instore
Pouf: - Cinphul Fuzzy Pouf @ Instore
Mirror Divider: - Cinphul Mirror Divider @ Instore
Screen Cabinet: - Fancy Décor, Screen Cabinet @ Instore
Rug: -  Fancy Décor Sunbleached rug @ Instore
Table: - Junk Plank Table @ Instore
Chinese Takeout: - Oyasumi - Chinese Takeout @ Instore


#532 There's peace even in the storm

November to me is just one step away from Christmas, and Christmas being like a storm. As the clouds turn grey and dark so do my stress levels. Well for once I am saying enough!!. I will not have a stressful Christmas this year and everyone can help out.. so i say puffing up my chest and screaming at the top of my lungs. So be it I say.. (oh help!!).

It is possible to go from stressed to blessed, to create a simpler, more joyful Christmas this year. So I am going to follow these ten Grinch-busting tips and you’ll slide from overwhelmed to overjoyed faster than you can shout “God bless us all, everyone!”

1. Lower expectations: Don’t fall for the hype and myth-takes that can ruin your holiday. You’ll  make yourself crazy comparing your home, your holiday, your family, with anyone or anything that makes you feel less than perfect. Stop trying to win the perfect holiday award for the best cookies, the most elaborate decorations, or the biggest gifts. Remember these four important words throughout the holiday season: Do less, enjoy more.

2. Change routines: Why do we feel that we must continue forever to do things just as we’ve always done them? Don’t be bound by past traditions. Think outside the box and consider new ways of doing things to make it easier on yourself.
o   Instead of exchanging gifts with co-workers or extended family, how about choosing a charity to help?
o   Who says you HAVE to cook a huge meal for 30 people every year? Groan, Could you, have a simple gathering instead? Better yet, let another relative take a turn at hosting this year’s celebration.

3. Don’t do it all yourself: Involve every member of the family right down to the toddlers. If you can’t do it together, then maybe it’s not something you need to do at all. Turn decorating, shopping, gift-wrapping, baking, and even house cleaning into family-time activities.

4. Plan ahead: Work smarter, not harder. Do as much as you can in the months before Christmas to leave December open for spontaneous joy. Get the car serviced early  so it will be ready for holiday travel, bake and freeze cookies throughout November, start addressing Christmas card envelopes during the summer while you’re sitting in the sun sipping lemonade.

5. Spend less money: Nothing adds stress to the season like worrying about how you’ll pay the credit card bill come January. Remember that it’s the thought that counts. Think of creative gifts you can give that cost less but express your love. Keep a journal of all your expenditures. Know each day how much you’ve spent so far. Shop fast.  The more time you spend in the store, the more money it will cost you.

6. Simplify gift shopping: Plan ahead, make a list, and stick to it. Shop throughout the year rather than doing it all at the last minute. Instead of individual gifts, buy one item for an entire family such as a board game.

7. Celebrate family and community: Schedule time for fun and relaxing together. Put it on your calendar and make it top priority. Don’t let anything get in your way. If you’re too busy to drive through the neighborhood with the kids looking at the lights and listening to Christmas music, re-arrange your schedule. Whatever you’re planning to do, share it with someone and make it quality time.

8.  Create lasting, loving memories: Be selective. Don’t fill every moment of the season with frantic activity. Think quality, not quantity. Reading stories together, a relaxed tree-trimming, singing carols, making snow angels, or just enjoying the evening stars and sharing a cup of hot cocoa can be more enjoyable than attending every play, concert, and party of the season. Volunteer as a family to sort food at a food bank, organize a toy or coat drive, deliver meals on wheels, or serve Christmas dinner at a shelter. These are memories you’ll cherish forever.

9. Tame the greediest: Steer  the family’s focus toward the needs of others and how your family can render service. Help everyone to develop an attitude of gratitude instead of always wanting something more. Talk about ways to share the season’s joy with others. Instead of wish lists, make a list of ways to practice generosity. These might include helping someone with shoveling, shopping, decorating, or baking. Or choose a volunteer project you can work on together as a family. Keep the TV turned off as much as possible to avoid commercials.

10. Create fun new traditions: Buy a new cookie cutter each year to add to a collection, or shop as a family to buy an early Christmas present for yourselves like a board game you can play throughout  December.

For now though, I am inspired by this awsome outfit from Gizza called the Cardigan with T Shirt and the gorgeous new hair from Elikatira called Libby, about to sip my warm hot chocolate from What Next. So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today: - 

Destination: - On9, Collabor88

Cardigan: - Gizza Cardigan with T Shirt - Female (New) @ On9
Hair:- Elikatira Hair called Libby 
Hot Chocolate: - What Next Hot Chocolate (New) @ Collabor88

#531 It takes darkness to be aware of the light

We all encounter darkness in our lives….it doesn’t matter when and how. It is probably an essential part of our existence because our “Journey”, if we have a journey, is all about moving through the Darkness into Light. So in that respect, I believe Darkness deserves to be written about and explored a little more. There are many textbook definitions about darkness like the most “googled” one is “Darkness, in contrast with brightness, is a relative absence of visible light”.  It is the appearance of black in a color space.”

Well no matter how we perceive darkness it, whether as an all-consuming force, a recurring heartache, a blanket of complete desolation or the mere absence of light…we know that Darkness exists and in a way it is only in Darkness that we can truly appreciate the Light…isn’t it???

 In this post, I use darkness as a metaphor, the darkness that dwells in all of us at some time……Darkness can be Anger, Insecurity, Jealousy, Resentment, Hatred, Self-Criticism, Self-Loathing, and most importantly Fear. To me Fear is the absolute darkness because it truly can paralyze us into believing things about ourselves that are so debilitating that it takes quite a while to get ourselves out of it. Now the reason I was so keen to write about Darkness is because I wanted to share what an important part of our journey it is because it is only when we are aware of the Darkness, can we move towards the Light.

I am sure that it is a known fact that the longer we have lived with any of the above mentioned emotions, the harder it is to get rid of it; however there is this one more critical aspect…..It takes a lot of love, guidance and gentleness to bring people out of their self-imposed judgements and opinions to help them see the light, to help them see how liberating it is to finally let go of the baggage that they have been carrying with them for so long. It indeed can be more exhausting and challenging than climbing the steepest mountain peaks. So if you talk to someone that is full of “Darkness”, try and help them see the light.

The stunning creativity of Cinphul is the designer to which I would like to showcase for you today. Cinphul have released the new 'Drifting Collection' available now at Cosmopolitan. Wearing the oh so cute top from Eyelure, I bring to you our destinations for today: -

Destinations: - Eyelure, Cosmopolitan

Top: - Eyelure Softest Crop top in Green (BAE) (New) @ Eyelure
Shoes: - Chica Chica Megan Noir Shoes (New) @ Cosmopolitan
Hair: - Elikatira - Nataline - in blonde (New) @ Elikatira
Drifting Collection: - Cinphul Drifting Collection - (New) @ Cosmopolitan  - this includes table, 1, 3a, 2b, and 3b in photo above.