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#369 This corner of the earth with Ghee at PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014

This corner of the earth is like me in many ways
I can sit for hours here and watch the emerald feathers play
On the face of this I'm blessed
When the sunlight comes for free
I know this corner of the earth it smiles at me
So inspired of that there's nothing left to do or say
Think I'll dream, 'til the stars shine..

I bring to you two destinations for today:-
Destination: - PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014!, and Neva River.

Skin: - Glam Affair - Lara - Theshops - America (New)
Outfit: -  Ghee Fall14 Fur Trim Wool Dress Alum (New from PENUMBRA. A/W F/W 2014 )
Hair: -Tableau Vivant~ Andree Hair - Fall

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#368 Whispers of Autumn with the hint of salt in the air with Penumbra Fashion Week and Dead Dollz

PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), kicked off with a bang today, shining the spotlight on a week of fast paced fashion events.  Penumbra is scheduled for a whole week from the 13th – 22nd of September. PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week is ready to highlight the best of the industry’s designers and showcase what makes Second Life one of the most exciting and dynamic places on Earth is its creativity!

Wearing one of the beautiful new designs available right now from PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014, called the "Tortuga from Dead Dollz".

I bathe in the gentle breeze of autumn enjoying some sunset bliss on the lake at Neva River, another favorite destination of mine.  It is a beautiful time of the day to just be, breath in the salt air, watch the blue sky turn yellow, orange and pink and bask in the ambiance as the last of the warming sunlight reflects off the land. When all else in life feels hectic, erratic and slightly frenzied, I can count on a walk along my favorite path just to re-energise and re-balance my spirit.

I bring to you two destinations for today:-
Destination: - PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2014!, and Neva River.

Skin: - Glam Affair - Lara - Theshops - America (New)

Outfit: - Dead Dollz::. Tortuga - Mini Dress  (New from PENUMBRA. A/W F/W 2014 )
Hair: - [LoQ'ue] Mezcal Dark Brown

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement -  Liu ( Modified)


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#367 Forgot the keys again, with GizzA Creations, Apple Fall, Truth, and Scarlet Creative

On my last day before my holidays, I jumped in the car, my usual hour and a half to work and when everything was going well, traffic and no grannies on the road, I realised I left my office keys at home.  After the first wave of panic I figured they must be perhaps? in the bottomless pit of my purse.  “Maybe you left them in your car” suggested the other manager – that would mean my car keys were also in the car – with no way to get them out except to call for help asking friends to break into my house and bring the spare keys. OMG what a start to the day!.

I was so upset at my lack of memory and organisation and the onset of early dementia for sure.  I was just about to go walking through the mall, give up work altogether, cry and do a childish tantrum all at once, ad then I realised I had left the window to my car open. It dawned on me I could reach in.
Sure enough, on the seat was my car keys and in the compartment there was the office keys after all.  As it turns out I was more organized than I’d given myself credit for. If only I’d remembered my technique for NOT losing my keys and next time, remember to close the damn window.

Wearing the beautiful and exciting fashion from some awesome SL designers, I bring to you our destinations for today: - 

Destination: - GizzA Creations, Truth and Glam Affair

Skin: - Glam Affair - Lara - Theshops - America (New)
Face: -  #TheMeshProject Head(f) - Fierce (Deluxe)

Chair: - Apple Fall - Dapper Chair - (New from Collabor88)
Outfit: - GizzA Boston Outfit - (New from GizzA Creations)
Hair: - Truth Hair - Posy
Sunglasses: - GizzA Rebel Outfit - Aviator Glasses
Cap: - GizzA Rebel Outfit (Dark)House: - Scarlet Creative - Mountain Lodge
  Pose: - Courtesy of the Dapper Chair - Apple Fall, taken at Neva Serendipity (Home)

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#366 Take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile with Isapchi, 8f8, Scarlet Creative, Apple Fall, and Tres Blah

The past few weeks have been pretty intense. I adore my friends dearly, I do. But we're all getting a little fed up with each other and the drama is getting crazy for some reason. Sooo... I think I'm gonna take a little break. Take the phone off the hook for a while, relax and take a trip to the country.

It was so nice to just be alone with my own thoughts for a little bit. I hardly ever am alone anymore being so busy with work, family and friends. I was just walking down the main road to the house where I was staying, and decided to turn and then I wandered where I got lost. It was beautiful. There were green and golden fields and the mountains were so close, bursting with oranges and reds and yellows. The road was lined with sunflowers, almost the entire way home. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, in case you weren't aware. The sun was setting and it gave the whole atmosphere a sort of golden, rosy glow. I just breathed it all in and  kept on walking. I had no idea where I was, which felt a little relieving. I had nowhere to be, no one to see, I knew roughly which direction home was, and that was all I needed, was not worried in the slightest.  I thought about who I am. It's a little cliche but I guess that's something everyone's constantly trying to figure out or change or keep sight of. So I went back to the basics and turned off the mobile just to relax for a while and feel alive once again.

For more information about the contents of the photo above, come take a walk to our destination for today: - 

Destination: - The Arcade Gacha

House: - Scarlet Creative - Meribel House (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Bed: - Ispachi (Florian) Bed Rare (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Rug: - Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug - Dark (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Clock: - Apple Fall - Carriage Clock 
Cabinet: - Scarlet Creative - Meribel Cabinet (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Workspace: -Tres Blah - Sewing Pattern (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Dresser: -  Isapchi (Florian) Dresser - Egg Shell (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Blanket/Pillows Crate: -  [ARIA] Gretchen blanket/pillows crate (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Curtain: - Scarlet Creative Curtain
8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe Menu Board (New from The Arcade Gacha)
8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe Delivery  Tricycle (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Breakfast Tray: - ISPACHI [Florian] Breakfast Tray (New from The Arcade Gacha)


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#365 Listen to your heart with Purple Moon, Glam Affair, [sYs] Design, 8f8 and Tableau Vivant

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.
The precious moments are all lost in the tide.
 They're swept away and nothing is what it seems,
the feeling of belonging to your dreams.

Listen to your heart
when he's calling for you.
Listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do.

Destination: - Rock your Rack and Jewelry Fair

Jacket/Suit:  - :: PM :: Adele Trousers in Black (New from Purple Moon at Rock your Rack )
Hair: - ~Tableau Vivant~ Upshaw Hair - Long bangs (A) - Fall (New from Collabor88 )
Skin: - Glam Affair - Skye II - America 01 (New from the Arcade )
Eyelashes: - Glam Affair - MIAMI Lashes - Orange (New from Collabor88 )

Necklace: - [sYs] IDIOME necklace (New from Jewelry Fair  )
Lights: - 8f8 - 11. Decorative Lights

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Misha


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#364 Doomsday's Closer with Opal, Coco, Zigana, Baiastice, and Oyasumi

Most people go through their daily lives assuming that tomorrow will be a lot like today. No pits of fire will open up, society won't collapse, and the world will most likely not end. But for others, doomsday has a certain appeal. I have always wondered why.

I am no different like others though, I love the thrill of the apocalyptic movies such as "Book of Eli, The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and Planet of the Apes". Just to name a few.

The apocalyptic worldview springs from a desire to reconcile two conflicting beliefs. "The first is that there is something dreadfully wrong with the world of human existence today," or there is a sense that there is a higher good or some purpose for existence, a hope for a better future."  With more and more technologies able to wreak mass destruction, a greater knowledge of what cosmic threats our planet faces, and more forms of media capable of trumpeting Armageddon, it seems as if there is more hype than ever about one supposedly impending apocalypse or another in the future despite all the failed doomsday predictions over the years like for eg: 2012.

Feeling 'doomsdayish' with the awesome creations for this months event called Uber.

I bring to you our destination for today: -

Destination: - Uber

Top:  - .: Ryvolter :. Ming Turtleneck Crop - Dark Grey
Underpants: - Baiastice_Apocalypse Net Lingerie-Grey (New from Uber)
Hair: - Eaters Coma - HAIR 57 / Dark Mocha  (New from Uber)
Socks: - Candy Doll (_CD_ )Twist Socks Black (New from Uber)
Boots: - *COCO*_Lace-UpBoots (DarkBrown) (New from Uber)
Hut: - Zigana . Survival hut . dark (New from Uber)
Lamp: - Oasumi / cage lamp from (New from Uber)
Bracelet: - Opal Miu Grey Bracelet (New from Thrift Shop) - Coming Soon
Cigars: - Zigana . cigars (New from TMD - The Mens Department)
Backpack: - Zenith Mocha Leather Backpack
Rug: - Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug - Dark (New from The Arcade Gacha)
Light: - {what next} Jar Lantern (light)

Pose: - Petals Pose 4 - Label Motion