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#431 Lesson's Learnt with Les Petites Details and Mina

When I first heard Sia’s “Big Girls Cry,” I was on my way home, catching a bus that I never do, and listening on my ipod the haunting music of Sia.  At first I was just staring out the window as my stop came closer and for some unknown reason my eyes welled up with tears, my throat got all catchy and I thought OMG I am going to burst out crying on this bus.  I was captivated, intrigued and sad all at once.  There has only been a handful of songs that have made me feel this way and Sia's Big Girl's Cry is one of them.

Sia's voice sounded like a melodious cry. I could feel the pain, the sadness and the fatigue in her voice. It was as if Sia herself were reaching into my chest and digging deep for my own painful secrets. It was as if she was whispering to me, “I know you’re not okay.” Honestly I thought I was until that song started. Confused I got off the bus with tears blurring my vision. Swallowing hard, I almost lost it when I heard her yell out “Let it out. Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking…”

But then I reasoned: I've got nothing to cry about. I’m stronger than that. I've been through a lot but I’m fine. I’m good. I’m moving on…You can’t really understand it until it happens to you. There are so many other people around that life is far worse for them.  See for those that don't know, I had a car accident the other week and now heading back to work aka catching the bus.  Some drunken idiot in the rain ran through a red light. Wack goes me against the side of the car, rammed into the steering wheel, air bag deployed and yes being the fragile me, ended up with one broken arm and shoulder. So damn can't drive. 4-5 weeks to go, and so frustrating living with a disability. I've never had this happen before, so why am I being soft now. So many other people are living with disabilities far worse than myself that will never heal. That they don't have a count down to get better. I honestly admire those people who every day no matter how tough life is for them with their disability they have strength that I admire and can only hope that one day for them life will become easier.

One strength I do admire is that of our designers that have dedicated themselves for Shiny Shabby. Wearing the beautiful and stunning dress called 'Kate' from Les Petites Details (LpD), the gorgeous new hair from Mina and the adorable Fiore bag from Luas, I bring to you a must visit destination for today: -

Destination: - @ Shiny Shabby - April Round

Dress: - *LpD* - *Kate* Dress Rosa (Mesh - M) New @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - MINA Hair - Yuliya  New @ Shiny Shabby
Fur: - Romanov fur Orange New @ Shiny Shabby
Bag: - Luas Fiore Bag Blue  New @ Shiny Shabby
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - V3.2 (New Update)
House: - Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Wakumi

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#430 Let's bring the music inside with Zerkalo, 8f8 Creations, Toro and Cinphul

Shiny Shabby opens its doors to you all tomorrow and I am so excited. Shiny Shabby has so many exclusive items waiting to be bought. Some of these are collections are from 8f8 Creations, Musical items from Cinphul and beautiful unique pieces from a very busy woman - Zerkalo.

So many unique designers captivating the essence of the theme being for this month -  "Russia" with Love from the amazing Neva Crystall the inspiration behind Shiny Shabby along with Anaïs Terpellie. They have created this amazing sim which opens each month for you all.

I have been following Neva Crystall for quite some time now and get so excited when I see her pinterest ideas and what she is thinking when it comes to the month for Shiny Shabby. You too can follow her ideas at this page: - You can follow mine at the same time if you like. :)

So what are you waiting for, add this destination for tomorrow. This is a definitely a must see -opening soon!! To get into the spirit of Russia and the sounds that these items make,  come take a peek below.

Destination: - @ Shiny Shabby - April Round

Table: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Table New @ Shiny Shabby
Chair: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Chair New @ Shiny Shabby
Frame: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Frame1 New @ Shiny Shabby
Rugs: -[ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Rug 3 and Rug 2  New @ Shiny Shabby
Fleur: - cinphul // Gitane Oud [Fleur] New @ Shiny Shabby
Gitane Derbake: - cinphul // Gitane Derbake [Mosaic] New @ Shiny Shabby
Gitane Daff: - cinphul // Gitane Daff [Rabbits] New @ Shiny Shabby
Mirror: - Toro. Russian Woodwork Inspired Mirror (SHORT) Brown New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Samovar - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations- Butterfly Tea Set - Napkin Holder - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set: 8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Podstakannik - Emtpy Cup/s New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations- Butterfly Tea Set - Tray - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Sugar Pot - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Buffet: - Apple Fall Stephanie Buffet
Moccasins:Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Thistles: - Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Newspaper: - Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
House: - Room from Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse
Candle: - POST: Humble Candle Stick (Stump) C
Book Pile: - ARIA &  The Loft  Devon book pile and glasses
Fruit Bowl: - Bazar Fruit Bowl

Keeping with the theme of Russia, come listen to some beautiful and traditional sounds of Russia.


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#429 Justice is served someone stole the wine WALK THE PLANK with Lassitude and Ennui

Lassitude and Ennui are part of one awesome event on at the moment called Tag Gacha.
I am super excited to be part of TAG Gacha! this month. The theme is titled 'Sideshow', and there seems to be trouble at the sideshow that a troupe of little cat figurines, one of them is guilty of drinking all the wine and will be walking the plank!!.(Blinfolded ready to take the plunge), and we all know that cats can't swim.. Justice is served.. I wonder though, could it be one of the pigs?

The awesome collection by Lassitude and Ennui -  by Quirk & Co. also come with a special surprise.
When you click on each item, each little cat figurine has a little story to tell. The talented Aposiopesis Fullstop has written a small story about each figurine. One sample below for you, somewhere close to my heart <3

So our destination for today is:

Destination: - @ Lassitude and Ennui -Tag Gacha

Quirk & Co. - Siluri, The Fiji Purrmaid (RARE) @ Tag Gacha (see below for special story)
Quirk & Co. - Sai-Khwa, the Two-Headed Monster (RARE) @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Bastet, Unbearded Lady of Cairo (RARE) @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Keiran Quirk, Ringmaster @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Vinny the Vendor @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Symeon Klepakov, the Bouncer @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Priss-Priss, The Tamecat @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Duncan MacTavish, the Sword Swallower @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Clawed Maude, the Fat Cat @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Bruce, the Brisbanian Barbarian @ Tag Gacha
Quirk & Co. - Al-Epzi the Messtic @ Tag Gacha
Blanket: - +Half-Deer+ Messy Blanket/Rug (Brown)
Crate: - oyasumi / crate (bottles) / dark
Stool: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Stool
Pig 1: - Mutresse - Gorged Pig (Arcade item now available at Mutresse)
Pig 2: - Mutresse - Sports Fan (Arcade item now available at Mutresse)
Pig 3: - Mutresse - Carefree Pig (Arcade item now available at Mutresse)
Pig 4: - Mutresse - Wasted Pig (Arcade item now available at Mutresse)
Boat: - [Breno] A Fishing Getaway- Boat RARE (old Arcade item)

A special Story: - "Close to my heart in Australia"

Quirk & Co. - Siluri, The Fiji Purrmaid (RARE)

With her glimmering grey fur and her shimmering green scales, the Fiji Purrmaid is a beautiful and disarming sight. When she was scooped up in a tuna net off the Fijian coast, the captain and all the crew fell in love with her on the spot. Unfortunately, they were so distracted by fighting over her that nobody remembered to steer the ship. It ran aground on the Australian coast, and Siluri escaped into Moreton Bay. But, just as she was about to swim out to sea, something caught her eye. It was Bruce the Brisbanian Barbarian, bench-pressing sharks on the beach. This time, it was her turn to fall in love - and this time, the feeling was mutual. Now, Siluri amazes visitors not just with her mysterious half-fishness, and not just with her beauty, but with her bold and terrifying trick: jumping into a full bathtub! or out to sea :).


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#428 Hold me up with Sari Sari, LpD, Ionic, Bauwerk and Dust Bunny

Hold me up!! So many amazing events on at present, that for the blogger like myself it is finding time to get around to visit them all before the month end.

One fantastic event on at present is that of The Season Story. One designer that I truly adore, that being Sari Sari, has released these amazing gacha items called "Mrs Bumpkin's Garden". I couldn't resist getting them all and finding some unique way to showcase them for you.

When visiting another awesome event, that being The Liaison Collaborative and The Chapter Four, Dust Bunny and 22769 ~bauwerk, have some fantastic items to add to this collection.

So before I collapse from so much blogging and jumping around events today, come take a walk to our first destination for today and that being: -

Destination: - @ Sari-Sari - at The Seasons Story

Top: - *LpD* - *Soho* Jacket/Top Sand-Brown (Mesh - M) (New) @ The Chapter Four
Pants: - *LpD* - *Soho* Pants Black-Sand (Mesh - M) (New) @ The Chapter Four
Shoes: - Pure Poison - Crayona Flats (New) @ On9
Hair: - .~Tableau Vivant~ Pretty reckless II Blondes
Face: - LeLutka Mesh Head-EVER

Pose: - Glenda @ Bauhaus Movement

Mrs Bumpkin's Garden - Sari Sari
Sign: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Welcome Sign RARE  (New) @ TSS
Garden Sink: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - RARE  (New) @ TSS
Plant Cuttings: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden -  RARE  (New) @ TSS
Drying Herbs: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden -  RARE  (New) @ TSS
Desk Shelf: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Stool: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Watering Can: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Seedlings: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Seed Packets: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Pots and Tools: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden -  (New) @ TSS
Mortar and Pestle: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Glass House: -  Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Crate: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Buckets: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Botanical Books: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @ TSS
Industrial Cart: - Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - (New) @  TSS

Gardening Work Bench: - 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  (New) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple: - dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . apples  (New) @ The Chapter Four
Cash Box: - dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . cash box  (New) @ The Chapter Four
Blueberries: - dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . blueberries  (New) @ The Chapter Four
Blueberry Container: - dust bunny . fresh fruit stand (New) @ The Chapter Four
Hugo - Dog: - *ionic* Hugo (New) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Book pile and glasses: - ARIA &  The Loft  (New) @ Uber
Banana Potted Tree: - *Little branch Shiny Shabby Gift
Chair: - HIDEKI - Shabby Chair Décor
Cart: - 39 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Farm Cart
Ruins Floor: - Fanatik Architecture:

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#427 LeLutka is For Ever

It has taken me forever to get this post up and I am not sure why. My apologies.

This beautiful new release that arrived for us all on Secondlife on the 1st April, or not so new release now from LeLutka was one that couldn't be missed. Painstakingly I had to wait for the available funds and then my first trip was to go to the new LeLutka store and try out the new mesh heads released by LeLutka on the 1st April.  The new mesh heads from LeLutka are just truly beautiful. There are three and they are called  Aria, Ever and Leda. Wearing "Ever" for you now, isnt Ever just devine? The porcelain skin, the easy hud to adjust your makeup is just so simple to use. Combined with the skin from Glam Affair which is a skin I have been wearing since Glam Affair first opened. This was one worthwhile reason to save for this mesh head.

What I love the most is that you can change the shape of the head a bit using appearance sliders, and adjust the makeup to make it your own unique style. It gives you the opportunity to make your head look slightly different than others. The heads also come with 10 Glam Affair skintones and standard brown brows, bliss I say and worth it. The skintones are activated via the LeLutka Head Hud and correspond to the same skintones in the Maitreya Lara Body HUD.
Here is a picture of the LeLutka Head HUD that comes with these heads:
Al three brands, LeLutka, Maitreya and Glam Affair have done an amazing job at providing a truly awesome style for us all. This mesh head I would say is the easiest to ever use and I love the way you can design the head to be your own unique style.
For more latest releases from LeLutka don't miss out on visiting the Lelutka blog -  LeLutka blog.

So come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: - @ LeLutka

Skin: - Mesh Head-EVER with Glam Affair (New) @ LeLutka 
Outfit - Glam Affair - Omega Dress White/Orange Lace  (New) @ Collabor88
Hair: - ~Tableau Vivant~ Winnie hair (Reg) - Basics
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Bracelet: - Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3 
Necklace:Mandala - Pearl Rain Season 3 


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#426 Another Me with Zanze for Saviad

I used to joke with my friends that I needed a “wife”.  I; obviously don’t really want a wife; however someone who does all the things that I do would be really nice.  I’d love to have someone to do the laundry, someone to do the cleaning, someone to run errands.  I like to cook so I’d keep that for myself.  I could actually make much nicer meals and spend more time in the kitchen doing what I love if someone else were doing all the “other stuff”, not to mention being able to blog more, if there was more of me. I’d love to pick and choose what I want to do and have help with the other stuff.  Thus, that is not the life of a wife.  No picking and choosing – just doing!
Now an assistant though, would be awesome. Then I could delegate to my assistant the items that I don't want to do, such as clean the bathroom, wash clothes, vacuum. All the boring parts in life you wish you just had another you. Not to mention window cleaning and window sills, OMG! Where does it end. An assistant would be perfect. Now to wish for lotto, as this is too a dream. I wan't it all!!!
Wearing one of the awesome collections from Zanze for SAVID - Spring Fashion Week, I bring to you our destination for today: - 
Destination: - @ Saviad 

Outfit - [ZE] (Zanze) Blythe Top and Skirt {SPRING SPARKLE-MULTI}(New) @ Saviad 
Hair: - *ARGRACE* MAKOTO - Light Browns
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Ears: - Steking Ears @ MANDALA
Skin: - LeLutka Mesh Head-EVER with Glam Affair (New)
Bracelet: - [LIZ] Dahlia bracelet
Octagon: - ARIA & The Loft Devon octagon mirror collage (New) @ Uber

Pose: -  Zerkalo 39 @ Bauhaus Movement