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#378 Halloween is a time for love and play with Scarlet Creative, Cheeky Pea, Con, Floor Plan, Iconic,Sari Sari, and Oyasumi

Following on from the previous blog, many events have opened this month. Some of these include Collabor88, The Mens Department, Candy Fair, and The Seasons Story.

So many things to see and do and sooo many lindens to spend. I admire all the designers and creators of these fabulous events and could only wish I could be so creative in design.

For now though come take  a walk to the many events on this month which is our destination for today:-

 Destinations:- The Seasons Story, The Mens Department, Collabor88, Candy Fair

Heater: - Soy Kerosene Heater with Kettle (New from The Seasons Story)
Cabin: - Scarlet Creative Cabin in the Forest - (New from Collabor88)
Tree: -  Framed Tree - Con - (New from The Seasons Story)
Lantern Clock: - Floor Plan - Lantern Clock  (New from Collabor88)

Lamp: - Acorn Lamp - Cheeky Pea (New from The Seasons Story)

Chair: - Doubles Adirondeck Chair (New from The Seasons Story)
Ladder: - Doubles Lantern Ladder - Cheeky Pea (New from The Seasons Story)
Butterfly: - Ocellus Butterfly - Half Deer (New from Collabor88)
Sleeping Kitten: - Urban Daisies - Sleeping Kitten in basket - (New from Candy Fair)
Oranges: - Sari-Sari – Oranges (New from The Seasons Story)
Twig Table: - Sari Sari - Twig Table 
Twig Vase: - Sari Sari - Twig Vase 
Iconic: - Mouse - Love and Cheese and Excalibur  -  (New from The Seasons Story)
Barrel Table: - Zigana Barrel Table (New from TMD)
Chair: - Oyasumi Retro Chair 
Alchemy Book: - Oyasumi Alchemy Book 
Deck: - We're Closed Rustic Deck 
Potted Tree: - L'Olivier Tree - Apple Fall

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#377 A bohemian rustic country with Cheeky Bea, GizzA, Oyasumi, Lassitude and Ennui and Ch's

Many events opened this month in which one of them is the Boho Culture Fair 3 which opens it's doors today - October 10th. Invited to join the blogger team for this year’s Boho Culture Fair this event features many and new artists and unique Boho Styles.

One creation is that of Cheeky Bea which I am wearing today, teemed up with the beautiful new head scarf from GizzA and some creative items just released at The Mens Department from Oyasumi.

Wearing the beautiful new necklace from Lassitude and Ennui called the Bird of Prey, for the Mystic Realms Fair.  I bring to you a sample of the start of the Boho Culture Fair. The Boho Culture Fair goes from midday  SLT October 10 – 25.

So don't delay, come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: - The Boho Culture Fair 3

Vest: - Cheeky Bea - Vest (New from Boho Culture Fair)
Mini Skirt - Cheeky Bea - Skirt (New from Boho Culture Fair)
Wood Chest:- Oyasumi Wood Chest (New from TMD)
Necklace: - Bird of Prey Necklace - Lassitude and Ennui (New from Mystic Realms Fair)

Bracelet: - Woodstock Bracelet - Ch's (New from Boho Culture Fair)

Paper Bags: - Paper Flowers - Paper Bags
Eggs: - Basket of Eggs - Bohemian

Pose:-  Vibe - Called Keep it Casual


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#376 Wave after Wave with Eyelure, Cae and Lassitude and Ennui

“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz
Growing up I was a shy girl who just listened a lot and you could say was attached to my dad’s leg.  He was my protector and served as a source of unconditional love. Both my parents did this, but unfortunately kept me from growing up. They kept me protected and didn't show me how harsh the world could be. I swore I would never do that to my family. I would teach them reality, but slowly.

As I went off to school, I encountered many new faces that introduced me to criticism and judgment.
Judged because I looked like the average girl, Long blonde hair but as a tom boy as well. I much preferred to play hand ball with the boys, climb trees get dirty etc than talk about dresses, dolls or what I was going to wear with the girls to a dance. Even to this day, I have more male friends than females and my closest two females friends wouldn't dare ask me about clothes as they know that I get what I want.

At such a young age, I had no way to process the wave after wave of words tossed my way, so I built a shell around myself and often wished I could become invisible to avoid the hurting. I tried to carry on as if others’ words could not impact me.  What I quickly learned as I went through life is that we all encounter many people along the way who will attempt to tear us down and break our spirit.  After I graduated from university, I had to go on job interviews and pretend I was self-assured. Once I got the job, I had to give presentations, speak at meetings, and continue to fulfill my role with confidence. It took a long time that I didn't have to pretend anymore. I pushed myself to achieve and continue moving forward.  Ultimately, I realized that I felt insecure because I was still carrying around the words and judgments I’d heard at different points in my life as if they were written into the code of my DNA.  I allowed people who held no significance in my life to take from who I am and hinder the person I have come to be. I now ignore the critics, and am happy for who I am. For my readers, I say don't retreat away from the problems but face them head on, don't build that wall, even if it is dark. Tear that wall apart slowly and you will begin to feel more uplifted as you go and more confident, no matter what has happened in your life.

Wearing the beautiful new dress from Eyelure, and the cute black and white shoes from Lassitude and Ennui from the Candy Fair, I bring to you our destinations for today:-

Destinations: - Candy Fair and Eyelure

Outfit: - Eyelure LowBack Dress    GreenKnit (New from Eyelure)
Necklace: - Cae :: Folium :: Necklace (New from Fameshed)
Shoes: - Lassitude &Ennui Spin spin sugar (New from Candy Fair )
Hair: - [LeLutka]-SEIKO hair/Light Brunette
Ring: - Glam Affair - Gipsy Ring



#375 Imagine if there was no Creativity with Purple Moon

I myself follow the work of many talented and inspirational photographers within Secondlife and sometimes wonder “what are my readers life like?”  Some share their photos, Some don't. Some have pseudonyms, and others are men dressed as women or vica versa. It dosent matter to me who you all are, as long as you are happy. Happy in doing what you like, and that you enjoy your SL and your real life. I would hate to hear that a person's RL is so bad that they escape into SL to get away. I feel sorry that I cant help you so you can also be happy in both worlds.  I do wonder what my readers life is like and what drives them to be the artists that they are? I thought it would be nice for you to know a little more about lil 'ol me! So here you go 10 more things to share with you…

Born: In Australia just a tad north from Sydney
Home: Love my pussycat and my family
Education: Yes have gone all the way, but that was just long and tedious journey
Likes: Writing, Blogging, Photography RL and SL <3 Reading, Music, Art, Passion, and being happy
Entertainment: I enjoy my blogging to the fullest and writing a book at the same time as working
Fav Photographers: Too many too list, however am sure they know I constantly like their works on Flickr
Fav Designers: So many but of course the ones I blog for.. <3
Wanting to Achieve: I like to get better at Photoshop and currently taking classes
Bad Habits: Purchasing too many handbags, they get bigger and bigger
Wish List: Buying a new Iphone once they fix the bendy problem - bring on the s version.

So to read more about me, just ask me a question. I won't lie, well I will try not too <3

For more information about what I am wearing today, come take a walk to our destination for today:-

Destination: Purple Moon

Outfit: -  :: PM :: Adele Suit in Black MESH (New from Purple Moon)
Skin: - Glam Affair - Rose - Desert Rose
Hair: - Exile::West Coast

Lashes: -  Eyelure Natural Mesh Lash 
Lips: -  Eyelure Naturally Parted Lips

Pose: - Bauhaus  Movement - Chopay
Background: - Taken at Neva River


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#374 Afterglow with Apple May, CheekyPea, Truth Hair, and Sways

Uber opened its doors on the 30th September, showcasing the theme for the month being "Shades of 
 Grey". I adore the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James and the three books weren’t nearly enough for me, …. All credit to E. L. James and her stunning Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.   A fourth one needs to be created now!! :) 

For those who are a lover of all things romantic, my next journey is that of the books by Diana Gabaldon who I have been a fan of for many years. The tv series "Outlander' was released in Australia only a few months ago, and like the books I am surely addicted.

For now though, of all things grey, alluring and spicy, come take a walk to Uber our destination for today, showcasing some of the amazing works by CheekyPea, Truth Hair,  and Sways just to name a few.

Destination: - Uber

Skin: - (AMD) Lexi - Peachy (New from Apple May)

Chair: - :CP: So Gray Bed (Adult) (New from Uber)
Bed: - :CP: So Gray Bed (Adult) (New from Uber)
Light: - Sway's [Neal] Bedside lamp . earth (New from Uber)
Clothes: - Sway's [Neal] Clothes on floor (New from Uber)

Hair: - TRUTH HAIR Vixen (New from Uber)
Vase: -  AF Rose Bouquet
Kiss and Hug Sign: - .:Revival:. "Kiss & Hug"



#373 It's Consensual with GizzA Creations

Consensual opened it's doors on the 26th September. Some amazing furniture items are available to be found.  Items from some amazing designers for eg: -
  • Abyss
  • Stockholm and Lima
  • JD Copenhagen
  • Johadez Furniture 
  • Seven Emporium
  • NotsoBad
  • Junk
  • Redgrave
  • The Loft
  • Cheeky Pea
  • Mudhoney, just to name a few..

Items are at an exclusive price discounted only during the event, with a huge 30-50% off!
Consensual run's through until Sunday (Closing Oct 5th 12PM SLT) - last day.

Wearing the beautiful and flowing new dress from GizzA Creations called the GizzA Nicola Gown, don't miss out on purchasing some unique new items that can be found at our destinations for today: -

Destination: - Consensual and GizzA Creations

Skin: - Glam Affair - America 
Outfit: -  GizzA - Nicola Gown (New from GizzA Creations)

Lounge: - The Loft - Asmodeus Chaise Black [Adlt-Cns] (New from Consensual)
Rug: - JD - Copenhagen Rug Black (New from Consensual)
Pictures: - JD - Copenhagen Wood Panel/s (New from Consensual)
Table: - Oyasumi / Japanese table
Lamp: - JD - Copenhagen Floor Lamp Light (New from Consensual)
Hanging Light: -  Toronto-Living room chandelier
Clock: - AF Rico's Clock
Flowers: - Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Sideboard: - AF His Sideboard RARE 
Tea Cup/Berries: - AF Teacup Rose/AF Blueberries

Hair: - ~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Light Browns

House: - Toronto House (New)

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Gill