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#416 Sunday Morning with Cheeky Pea and Apple Fall

Don’t you just love Sunday mornings? To me, Sunday morning is the best part of the week. There is generally a feeling of peace and quietness on a Sunday morning that you do not experience any other time in the week.
People are gradually getting into the day and there is none of the hustle and bustle you get on other days. Families go out for a stroll, either a walk in the park, or get into the car - don't you just love Sunday drivers?.. well, next topic.  To me, Sunday mornings are a great time to spend a few hours in self-nurturing, rejuvenation, just basically chilling.  You can do these things on other days too, but Sunday mornings have a special feel to them. Apart from the basic household chores which I try not to see, cleaning, tidying, shopping, gardening. UGGGH. They do need to be done but I frantically do these on a Saturday so I can spend more of me time on a Sunday. So my physical space feels neat and tidy on a Sunday.  Psychologically we all feel better in a pristine clean home than in one that is a mess and full of clutter. So what do you like doing on Sundays?
Admiring one of the awe inspiring pieces from Kustom 9 called the Southern Porch Rocking Chair w/blanket, this is exactly what I would prefer to do on a Sunday.

So come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: - Cheeky Pea @ Kustom 9
Rocking Chair: - :CP: Southern Porch Rocking Chair w/blanket (New) @ Kustom 9
House: - Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse (New) Soon to be available again at Apple Fall


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#414 One last time with Bauhaus Movement, Entwined, Tableau Vivant and Pure Poison

I gave into the fire
I know I should've fought it
At least I'm being honest
And I know, and I know, and I know
She gives you everything but boy I couldn't give it to you
And I know, and I know, and I know
That you got everything
But I got nothing here without you.

Destinations: - @  Bauhaus Movement, Entwined, and Tableau Vivant  <3

Top: - ~Tableau Vivant~ Fringe leather Collar (New) @ The Secret Affair
Skirt: - Bauhaus Movement - Mrs. Hill Skirt Black (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Horns: - Pure Poison - Na'imah Horns (New) @ The Secret Affair
Hair: - [Entwined] Nora (New) @ The Secret Affair
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: - Glam Affair - Rose - America 01 G

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Zerkalo (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Screen: - Trompe Loeil - Ines Branch Screen
Picture taken at Home - Isle of Serendipity - Neva Lived in Homes


#415 Don't look down with Purple Moon and Bauhaus Movement

There are many women that are admired in this century, and from many centuries in the past. Many successful women that today, the world wouldn't be the same. These women have transformed the way we work. For Eg:  Marie Curie in 1903, thanks to Marie Curie's groundbreaking work in radioactivity, she became the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize, then subsequently the first person to win twice and only person to win in multiple sciences, thereby cementing her reputation as one of the most ridiculously boss scientists and women to ever walk the planet.

There are many other women who without their exceptional talent, the world would not be the same. These people in no particular order: - Ada Lovelace for being one of the first computer programmers; Rosalind Franklin - Understanding DNA and it’s structure. Rosalind transformed our entire knowledge of genetic information; Mary Anderson - who created the very simple Windshield Wiper that helps us get from A to B when raining, and  I am sure there are many many others.

What I admire about all these women is their strength and dedication to succeed. They have passion, and creativity and no matter how much it could or can be a struggle they never give up.
It it similar to our women designers in Secondlife, they have amazing talents, are creative and passionate, recognising one of these women today is Poulet Koenkamp from Purple Moon who designed this astonishing gown called the 'Arwen Gown', released today. Inspired by this gown using a pose created by another awesome female designer - LouLou Teichmann from Bauhaus Movement, whose poses I can never get enough of. Thankyou for being dedicated to your art and you are admired by one true fan.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -

Destinations: - @ Purple Moon and Bauhaus Movement, <3

Outfit: - :: PM :: Arwen Gown in Light Blue (New) @ Purple Moon
Skin: - Glam Affair - Rose - America 01 G

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Muka (New)
Picture taken at Home - Isle of Serendipity - Neva Lived in Homes

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#413 Self Check with Eyelure, Del May and Truth

For all the ladies and to all men that may be reading this, my work decided to hold a charity event raising money for cancer. We actually called the event - 'Be Aware'. It was to raise awareness amongst the many and various branches of which I look after across Australia and overseas. Even for those countries that the subject may be taboo in some circumstances, we wanted people to become Aware.

If I asked you all do you know of anyone close to you that has passsed away from cancer or has cancer now, I would say the percentage of you all would be approx 90% would know someone that has Cancer. I know this is a scary topic and morbid in some cases, but the more people that become aware of their own changes in their body the better you all will be. The signals are there. We see changes everyday. You need to be aware to look out for them.

Believe me I am the first to put my hand up and state I hate going to the doctors, but realise it is a part of life and self checks and regular checkups from the doctors are vital to living a long life.
Some statistics for you: - The top five cancers are: - Lung, Prostrate, Colon, Pancreas, Liver. For women Breast and Ovarian are also high. So don't delay, if you find the smallest issue, yes it is a pain in the backside to line up and wait at the doctors, but it is worth the time, 2-3 hours out of your life every couple of months, is better than facing the chemo and radiation ward anyday.!!

Wearing the gorgeous and cute slinky new outfit from Eyelure, with some accessories from MG - from Collabor88, I bring to you our destination for today: -

Destination:EyelureDel May, Truth Hair

Tank: - Eyelure Grey Shamrock Tank (New) @ Eyelure
Shorts: - Mini Shorts - Green Stripe (New) @ Eyelure
Mouth: - Eyelure Photoreal Teeth (New) @ Eyelure
Skin: - Glam Affair - Katra Skin ( America )
Hair: - TRUTH HAIR Bexley (New) @ Truth Hair
Necklace: - MG ( Maxi Gossamer) Necklace - Secret Love Affair @ Collabor88 and Maxi Gossamer
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Pose: - Del May - Body Check (New) @ Del May
Picture taken at Home - Isle of Serendipity - Neva Lived in Homes


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#412 Believe with GizzA Creations and Bauhaus Movement

Do you ever sometimes just take a moment, take a recap of the day and ask yourself why certain things occurred on the day. It all starts from dropping your tooth brush on the floor, to stubbing you toe on the step, to stepping into someones dog poo on the lawn as you head to work, or spilling your coffee in the car, all in the space of the morning and the list goes on.

You say to yourself, "Oh it is going to be one of those days today".

From the time I can remember my parents used to say slow down, take a breather, stop rushing, your a bull at the gate. I always say to myself I will remember what they say and when the time comes will act on that same advice to my family. However, the many times I just ignore the advice, don't take care of myself and I so want them to remind me again

My mother has been seriously unwell for sometime. I take it so for granted she will be here for ages. Call it ignorance, that even though she has severe memory loss, I keep expecting her to smile, hold out her arms and say "Now tell me about you day, Did you remember to take time out today?
 I say to myself, just Believe, Life will have its up and downs, and whilst Mum can't say it, I just have to believe that there is a better life for her one day.

Destinations: - @ Gizza Creations and Bauhaus Movement <3

Dress: - GizzA - Louisa Dress [Plaid] (New) @ Chapter Four
Bird In Cage: - *May's Soul* Japan Treasures - Bird In Cage (New) from We <3 RolePlay
Watch and Bracelet: - GizzA - Odyssey Watch&Bracelet [Stone] Bracelet
Hair: - TRUTH HAIR Nathalia
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: - -Glam Affair - Amberly II skin ( America )

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Danielle (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Picture taken at Home - Isle of Serendipity - Neva Lived in Homes


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#411 Death Dance with AFI Designs, Apple May Designs, Bauhaus Movement, Eyelure, Lassitude & Ennui, Lode and Truth

You danced when you were thirteen.I have never seen you. 
Only in my dreams. Only in the stories. But you're here. Here today.
You danced yourself away.
It was a death dance.
We love you. We know you are sorry. We forgive you. 
We can't wait to meet you....

Destinations: - @ AFI Designs, Apple May Designs, Eyelure, Bauhaus Movement, Lassitude and Ennui
Dress: - Broken Doll Dress by AFI Designs (New)
Hair: - Truth Bexley - Light Brown (New)
Thigh Highs: - Thigh Highs Black by Apple May Designs (New)
Hat: - *LODE* Hat - Sombre without straps [black] (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Piano: - 7 -  Piano PE-9A 1946 - by Seven Emporium (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Violin:Bauhaus Movement - Anais's Violin 4 R (New) @ Collabor88 (March)
Face: - Eyelure Photoreal Teeth - (New) @ Eyelure
Necklace: - Lassitude & Ennui Forget-me-not necklace silver (New) @ Collabor88 (March)

Poses in Violin: - by Bauhaus Movement
Scene: - Courtesy of Skeletalmess - Flickr

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