#595 I know why caged birds sing...

I heard a poem the other day and thought I would share. It reminded me of this picture when I was creating the scene in Secondlife.
*The free bird thinks of another breeze and the trade winds move softly through the sighing trees, The fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn and he names the sky his own;
A caged bird stands on the grave of dreams his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream;
His wings are clipped and his feet are tied;
He opens his throat to sing…
The caged bird sings with a fearful trill of things unknown;
His tune is heard on the distant hill.. for the caged bird sings,
The caged bird sings of freedom*

Some poetry is truly lovely and other times, I don’t know about you, I scratch my head and think what does it means. In summary the poem above means: - The caged bird has experienced the freedom of being free, so he feels and frets about his caged state. A free bird may never know the limitation of a caged bird's agony. only a caged bird can let it be known to others, so it sings it's song so everyone can hear him.
 To feel hurt one must have the knowledge of the caged bird.
The tragedy is that many may not know that they are caged....ie; that want to be freed.

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#594 Save a life...

In my last post, I was talking about how we all need love at some time in our life. Our animals are not alone in this regard. Even though I am holding a SL cat, In America, according to the ASPCA, we call it RSPCA in Australia, a mere 37% of cats who enter American animal shelters are adopted. Less than 5% reunite with their families. The remaining cats are euthanized. Feral, shy, sick, scared, injured, old, pregnant mom cat’s, mom’s with newborn kittens and orphaned kittens are generally euthanized in animal shelters.  We can do better. We can save more lives. It takes us all working together, each doing our part to make a difference. No action is too small.

Whether you adopt your pets from local animal shelters and rescues or foster a pet you are helping to improve the above dismal statistics. You are making a difference. Below are four actions that can make a difference and that you can do from the comfort of your own home and get some exercise while you at it.

Collect aluminum cans, save them up and cash them in. Donate the funds you make to your local animal rescue/shelter to help save more lives. If there is a specific pet in need at the shelter (i.e. special needs cat who needs funds for a surgery), you can donate towards the cause.

Animal shelters and rescues can always use new or gently used towels and blankets. Blankets and towels are used to line pet carriers (when traveling to and from the veterinarian or to their adoption). Blankets and towels are also appreciated by the pets waiting for adoption, as while they wait they can have a soft place to snuggle up on and call their own. So rather than throw out that old clean towel, why not donate towards an animal shelter.

Organize a small group of volunteers to walk the shelter/rescue dogs at a local park once a week. Each week, have the adoptable dogs wear their “Adopt Me” bandannas on your walks. This is a great way to provide much needed exercise for the dogs and increase exposure to the community- of dogs in need of homes. You’ll increase adoptions and provide an enjoyable walk for the dogs at the same time and have some fun while you’re at it.

The key is to volunteer on a regular basis or at least when you can. What does your local animal shelter or rescue need? Do they need help with cleaning cages, or someone to hold the cats for a while at the shelter, perhaps even someone to walk the dogs? Find out what they need and make a plan to help. Set a date and time to come each week or fortnight, or when you can, and spend time with the animals. Not only will you be making a difference by lifting the spirits of the pets who are waiting for adoption, you can increase adoptions by taking photos while volunteering and sharing them on your social media pages and with your friends, family and co-workers. Spread the word that you’re volunteering and invite others to join you and to come to the shelter to adopt. It all helps.

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#593 We need love but all we want is danger...

We need love but all we want is danger, that’s what Taylor Swift sings out to us all.

Whether it is men wanting this in women, or women wanting this in men or equal sexes wanting this in each other, for the benefit of this post, we all seem to want the bad ‘guy’. Why is that the case?
Most women claim to want the guy who is sensitive, emotionally fluent and intimate. Yet, when it comes down to it, women consistently chase after the “bad boy,” the guy who is narcissistic, self-absorbed and avoids all forms of intimacy as if they were infectious diseases. While we're constantly on the lookout for that super sweet, caring guy who will make a great companion, we're actually attracted to the guy who ignites passion within us that lights the fire, and is fiery all the way. Nice guys are just boring…

What it all comes down to is biology. We are literally, scientifically geared to the bad guy. While women claim to want “the nice guy,” we're genetically hard-wired to want to procreate with the alpha male because he has stronger sperm. There’s just something so satisfying about taking the jerk home from the bar who’s spent most of the night intellectually challenging you in a heated verbal debate and all you want to do is strangle him with his ego, but at the same time want to jump his bones. :D.
This nice guy stereotype contends that women often claim they want a nice guy, a man who is sweet, kind and sensitive, and yet, when it comes down to it, she rejects this man for one with “other salient characteristics” like a hot body or an ultra-strong personality.

So when it comes to sex, women are more inclined toward the fiery, passionate qualities they attribute to the “bad boy” or the alpha male, but when it comes to dating and serious relationships, women claim to want a “nice guy.” It's like we just can't help ourselves. We want those arrogant guys who make us somehow feel alive.  We love the danger. We know they're wrong for us, they'll never treat us the way we think we deserve to be treated, and instead of running for the hills, we jump on for the ride. Damn you, biology! No woman wants to be with a man who doesn't know how to assert himself. Whether we want to admit it or not, we want excitement in our relationships. We want a powerful, aggressive man. This can be a difficult thing to admit as a strong, independent female, but it is, nonetheless, true. Women don't want to be with someone who is all calm seas and clear skies; we crave constant challenges in everything we do. When it comes to love, we choose the guy who satisfies that desire. The nice guy may seem great on paper, but he turns out bland in real life. We want a project. Women like to “fix men.” A nice guy doesn’t need any taming. He’s already solid on the home front. He isn’t intense or severe.  When a woman is faced with a “bad boy,” she automatically finds the challenge to tame him alluring. His vanity is all at once angering and intoxicating. If she can bring him down to earth, it would be the ultimate accomplishment.
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#592 For there is nothing lost that may be found if sought...

We have all heard this story in one fashion or another.  For you guys you can tune out if you wish this time. In the beginning, she falls in love with someone who seems to be the end-all. He sweeps her off of her feet; he turns her world upside down and seems like the perfect man. He nearly is, but not quite. He breaks her heart, shatters it into a million pieces. She is overcome with distraught; she can barely breathe when she thinks of all that she gave and all he gave back. She then thinks her life will never go on, how can she live any longer and drowns in her sorrow.

Just when you think that she cannot cope, she gasps for air, breaths again, and the heart begins to heal. Her life goes on.  I think we have all experienced this in some type of version first hand and truly believe that time itself heals all wounds. You just have to have faith and a little hope.

Towards the end of these mushy love stories, the real prince charming comes along her path and they live happily ever after.  The person may not necessarily be someone who she would have pictured herself with earlier but they make her feel special and loved, he makes her feel so special and takes care of her and loves her completely. It's just perfect. Okay okay, cheezy, I know.

As it is written – “For there is nothing lost that may be found if sought”. Lost being the one that left and found is the new person that comes along and lifts you off your feet.  Love is a crazy thing, you never know what the future holds. Reading stories like this can give you hope that yes, even though they are fiction, true love can exist. It is real and it is possible to find, it can be just around the corner.. (found if sought).

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#591 I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones....

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones (from Albert Einstein).

Einstein stated: “I have always condemned the use of the atomic bomb against Japan.” Five months before his November 1954 death, he explained “one great mistake in my life…when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt recommending that atom bombs be made…" Separately he said: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Some of his quotes included saying “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” “It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder, using force always attracts men of low morality.”  “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” 
Whilst we generally can’t stop a world war, our inaction however, often allows evil to flourish. Taking action can be dangerous as well, time consuming, tedious, and a real pain in the neck, but it is the thing that is most effective at minimizing the danger and evil in the world. So why is action important?   Action is what gets things done. Inaction means nothing gets done. Action, in the case of this quote, is about doing things to thwart, retard or deter the evil acts of others. The actions necessary to thwart evil acts is probably the most dangerous and the rarest. Such as breaking up a fight, scaring off a robber (or worse), these are actions of extreme bravery. It is an action the evil-doer is not expecting, as it is so rarely done. For example: - How many of you know of someone that is being abused by their partner, ex, bashed even and have done nothing.

The actions necessary to retard or deter evil acts are what most of us can do most easily, and with little to no risk. These might include joining a neighbourhood watch group, keeping your neighbourhood clean, well-lit, and unappealing to thieves, or in the case of the abuse reporting the absue so the person can get help. You can always remain anonymous. There are lots of things one can do to help in the eternal fight against evil, and to make the world less dangerous. Unfortunately evil is everywhere, and the wolf is always at the door.

What are you willing to do to make your part of the world less dangerous, and to help diminish the evil in your back yard? It won’t be easy, but I believe it will be worth the effort.
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#590 This is what it feels like when doves cry..

How can you just leave me standing;

Alone in a world that's so cold (So cold);

Maybe I'm just too demanding;

Maybe I'm just like my father.. too bold;

Maybe you're just like my mother;

She's never satisfied (She's never satisfied);

Why do we scream at each other;

This is what it sounds like;

When doves cry.

This is what it feels like when doves cry…

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