#452 French Country awakes at Flux Sur Mer with Monso, Eaters Coma and Glam Affair

Flux Sur Mer known as the “French Country”,  I was invited to take a sneak preview of these beautiful lands today.  You can imagine the rich french history and magnificent natural landscape truly makes this sim one of the most awe inspiring destinations I have seen in some time. You can imagine when you arrive, the country smells, the small rural town located within which is enveloped by rich farmland and animals grazing. It’s a perfect place for those who want to get closer to nature and experience the old french country feel apart from sitting back and taking in all the delights that sim offers.

Flux Sur Mer provides an extraordinary nature-trip  that visitors will delight in, especially the flowing river within and around the expansive landscape. To see its entire stretch, you need to walk slowly and imagine the country side and the sounds of nature, the call of the wild and witness the captivating landscape surrounding Flux Sur Mer and all of it's little secrets within. 

A must to see is to not forget the little Farmers Market, Carnaby Street, the Theatre show, and the little specialty restaurants, bakery and eateries, rustic farmhouses that makes your stay more satisfying each minute you walk around.   Flux Sur Mer embraces the old charms of the French country side and awakens your sensors and congratulations to Nicbor Resident for her awe inspiring decorations around the sim.  

A destination not to be missed as it opens its doors to you all on the 6th June.

Destination: - @ Flux Sur Mer (Opening Soon)
For more information come visit: -
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flux-Sur-Mer/918921801484732?fref=photo
Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/131853710@N08/

Dress: - Vincue - Fiorella Dress  (New) @ Kustom 9
Flowers: - Glam Affair Romantic Flowers (New) @ Uber
Sandals: - Monso My Flower Sandals (New) @ Uber
Face: - LeLutka.Mesh Head-EVER with new Glam Affair Avril Applier Freckles- @ Uber
Hair: - Eaters Coma Hair 68 Platinum Blonde (New) @ Uber
Classical Guitar: - Unstrung Classical Guitar - Seven Emporium
Reading Pile: - Apple Fall  Reading Pile

Photo taken: - @ Flux Sur Mer
Pose: - By Bauhaus Movement - Zelda 13


#451 Do you like you? with Eyelure, Sari Sari, Cheeky Pea and Entwined

I must admit when I was younger I was carefree, didn't care how I looked to others. I was happy in myself. I wasn't tall, nor skinny, nor fat. I was your typical Australian girl, blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles in which I had many. As the years went past, the bikini turned into a one suit, the hair got shorter not down the end of my back, and I guess you could say I became more self aware of myself.
When changing at a swimming contest, I noticed I would keep the towel around me not to show myself. I would admire the tanned skin of the other ladies and think why did I have freckles and fair skin. 

Body acceptance I have noticed is a concern for people now than ever before. Our fashion magazines ask for us to look skinny, tall, not too muscly, and the diets are truly ridiculous. I note that when my 20's past and the 30's hit. I became happier in myself. Nothing really has changed except me. I feel for all the young girls that are so self conscious and cover up there bodies only to hide what they see as a flaw when in fact nothing is a flaw but something to be proud of that is your body.

I say, gone are the days of being ashamed, self-conscious, and just being overall upset with how we look! The 2015 body-acceptance movement is all about teaching everybody how to practice self-love. Seeing some superstars like Beyonce and J.Lo paving the way for women everywhere that as long as you love how you look, nobody else's opinion matters.

Showcasing the lovely and beautiful works of Eyelure, the awesome pose by Sari Sari, the creative willow lights screen from Cheeky Pea, and the gorgeous hair by Entwined. There is no use hiding who you are. Embrace what you look like and showcase the new you to everyone. (Listen to song below and begin to like who you are)

So what are you waiting for come take a walk to our destinations for today: -

Destination: -  Eyelure, Shiny Shabby, and Kustom 9

Panties: - Eyelure Lace Panties New @ Eyelure
Hair - Entwined - April - New @ Shiny Shabby
Willow Light Screen:- Cheeky Pea Willow Light Screen - New@ Kustom 9
Pose: - Sari Sari fp - K3 -  New@ Kustom 9

#450 Let's Runaway with LpD, Apt B, Essenz, Monso and Vibe

I seriously feel like running away.  I love my house but not when it comes to renovation times I am seriously not happy.
I feel so lucky that after saving and saving, I can now get some much needed renovations done to the home. Apart from a new kitchen coming, new walls, new floor boards throughout and then a fresh coat of paint in every room. For now though, I cringe, my house is truly a mess. 

I am someone that even a person with a white glove can't find dust. I am very house proud. Don't though ask me about my gardens I truly don't have a green thumb. I am generally a very tidy person and clean, except upon the fridge. I always forget that damn fridge on top being so short.
No matter how much I try to maintain some semblance of normancy whilst the renovations are being done. I wanted a debatably-effective shield against the destruction and mess of old house plaster.
I was told to just get started and clean later, put down plastic if you want.   Maybe it WAS a waste of time to try to keep one half of a room marginally “cleaner” than the other.  Maybe it was “fine” to just shut the door and let the entire room descend through all nine rings of Dante’s inferno. But? if you need to build a debatably-effective shield - plastic, then don't wait for it to be done you'd better off doing it yourself than debating it. 

So my mess continues. Everywhere I walk there is dust, concrete, saw dust, footprints, paintbrushes, everywhere!! and did I say FOOTPRINTS (ugggh). Every morning I am constantly sneezing and I won't even go to the fact that I found saw dust on my toothbrush.. YUK.  Will this never-ending mess ever stop. Only when we get to the last part and that is my floor boards polished where I have been told I need to leave the house for 2-3 days for the smell to go. Sigh. At least at the end I will have a better house.

Wouldn't it be far easier if I could just rez a new house like in SL. Wishing hard this could happen.

Coming across this beautiful setting at Neva River, adding a few bits and pieces, I thought of creating this picture today of a house renovation in progress - or church in this case.

Wearing the beautiful dress from LpD from the Shiny Shabby Event, the gorgeous hair and necklace from Kustom 9, the pose and shoes from Shiny Shabby,  I bring to you our destinations for today: -

Destination: -  Shiny Shabby, and Kustom 9

Dress: - LpD Gioia Dress Deco Flowery New @ Shiny Shabby
Bucket - Ys & Ys La Cantina  - New @ Shiny Shabby
Ladder:- Old and Rusted Ladder Apt B  - New @ Shiny Shabby
Doors: - Old and Rusted Doors Apt B  New @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Monso My Hair -Dark Blonde New @ Kustom 9
Shoes: - Essenz Cape Town - Brown New @ Shiny Shabby
Necklace: - Ariskea Oceane - Seashell Neckalce  New @ Kustom 9
Chapel: - Neva Chapel - Scarlet Creative
Handbag: - Apple Fall Handbag and Scarf

Pose: - Vibe Organica -06 New @ Shiny Shabby


#449 Embrace with Zerkalo, Zenith and Diva

I heard a new song the other day from a band called Goldroom, and their song is called "Embrace" (see song below). The words go like this for the purpose of this blog.

There are things that I need to say,

Things that I need to find a way to rest my head,

Come right now,
Now that you walk away,

Gonna let you walk away.

I've been thinking bout you everyday,

I'm feeling I could save the day
Warming in your embrace

Blurry visions of tight eyes

Gotta love things that I need to see

Gotta love the things that I need too

Flying to rest my head

Just trying to cut my eyes

Gotta let you walk away
Better let you walk away

Feeling left to save the day

Love hoping it can make its way

This song I dedicate to my mother. I never write for sympathy or for kind words, there are so many other people that don't have their loved ones anymore. I write this to make people more aware of the horrible disease that affects hundreds of 1000's across the world that is called Alzheimer's Disease and that has affected my mother for the past 15 years. In a way I am lucky to still have my mother, whilst she has no memory, nor able to give me any sort of embrace anymore, nor remember my name. She prattles on to herself in her own language, she is smiling - sometimes and almost everytime angry with the world. Occasionally a word now and then makes sense but all I can do is nod and smile and occasionally turn my head with tears. For those that are unsure what is Alzheimer's Disease, it is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and eventually the ability to do simple tasks such as clean teeth, or brush hair, get dressed, wash, eat becomes impossible. Most people with Alzheimer's, the symptoms first appear after the age of 65. Alzheimer's is the common cause of dementia among older people and there is no cure.

I hope one day, that they find a cure and the answer is just around the corner. Whilst it will not fix my mother's deterioration that I see everyday, I do hope that no one else will have to go through this disease. Whilst it is a little away as yet, don't forget to put this in your calendar for the month of September.
September is World Alzheimer's Month'!

September 2015 will mark the fourth global World Alzheimer's month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge stigma. The theme will be called 'Remember Me".

The background to my post today is courtesy of some amazing designers from the Shiny Shabby Event. These designers one of them is my ultimate favorite and that is Zerkalo. Zerkalo have created the gorgeous theme called "Love Next" which I showcase some examples for you today, with a cute dress from Zenith and the up-style hair also from Shiny Shabby Event from 'Diva' called Mia.

So what are you waiting for come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: -  Shiny Shabby (May Round)

Pillow: - Love Nest Floral Pillow from Zerkalo New @ Shiny Shabby
Books: - Zerkalo Love Nest - Vintage Books New @ Shiny Shabby
Floral Cups: - Zerkalo Love Nest Floral Cups  New @ Shiny Shabby
Rug:Zerkalo Love Nest Rug New @ Shiny Shabby
Slippers: - Zerkalo Love Nest Slippers New @ Shiny Shabby
Dress: - Vintage Lace Dress - Zenith New @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Diva Hair - Mia (Cat's Eye) New @ Shiny Shabby
Roses: - Apple Fall Roses (Pink)
Morning Coffee: - Hideki Morning Coffee

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Chopay


#448 Meet 'Cathy Avril' with GizzA Creations, Glam Affair, Zerkalo, Mina, Reverie, and Bauwerk

Shabby opened it's doors to you all only a few days ago. I have so much blogging to do for this event. One particular designer that I truly adore is that of GizzA Creations by Giz Seon. GizzA Creations has created the perfectly named "Cathy" Blazer Dress. Cathy comes in many beautiful colours that truly take your breath away.  With a little mixing and matching from the Shiny Shabby Event, I also bring to you "Avril". The Avril applier from Glam Affair works with any of the six mesh head models available in store. I am wearing 'Avril' today with Letlutka's Ever.  Avril comes with some gorgeous eyebrow colours, lipsticks and eyeshadow as per below. It couldn't be more perfect and easy to use. <3

Adoring with this lovely outfit, again I have mixed with one of the new hairs from Shiny Shabby from 'Mina', called Myrtle and the gorgeous vintage bag from Reverie, with some backdrops from Zerkalo, and a little terracotta from 22769 and Bauwerk. There are simply too many items to mention so instead, if you haven't taken a walk to the Shiny Shabby Event as yet, then you are missing out on some gorgeous collections that are available to you now.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: -  Shiny Shabby (May Round)

Dress: - Cathy Blazer Dress- GizzA Creation New @ Shiny Shabby
Skin: - Glam Affair - Avril Applier  New @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Mina Myrtle (Light Brown)  New @ Shiny Shabby
Bag: - Reverie - Haight Asbury Bag (Vintage) New @ Shiny Shabby
Loveseat: - Zerkalo Love Nest - Love Seat (rare) New @ Shiny Shabby
Terracotta Flowerpot: - 22769 Bauwerk Terracotta Flowerpot New @ Shiny Shabby
House: - 8f8 Primavera in Toscana Mansion 
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - V3.3 (New Update)
Propane Tank: - Apple Fall Propane Tank
Scooter: -What Next Gacha item

Pose: - MaVie Heavenly Creature

#447 I always get what I want with Tableau Vivant, Glam Affair, Zerkalo, K-Band, Fri. and Revival

“You can’t always get what you want . . .” The Rolling Stones has been singing this praise for as long as I can remember.
This decade old song, addresses a universal truth. Here’s the rest of the refrain:

You get what you need.
You can't always get what you want . . .
But if you try sometimes
You just might find..

So tell me what is it that you really wanted and didn't get?
The affections of a person who was with someone else? Like that dream job?
 The last cinnamon bagel snapped up by the customer in front of you?
These scenarios range from trivial to potentially life-changing, but they all have one thing in common: see below.

1) Heightened attention.- When something is hard to get (or forbidden) you immediately pay more attention to it. Notice that when you are on a diet, you sometimes get too focused on what you 'can't eat. This heightened attention can escalate into obsession. It makes the forbidden food seem very important. Your inner brat takes advantage of this and tries to convince you that you MUST have that chocolate and or pizza.

2. Perceived scarcity: When something is scarce or in short supply, its perceived value increases. You want it more because you think other people also want it. If you’ve ever bid at auctions or on eBay, you know the experience of that last-minute excitement as you watch the bids spiral upward. The more people who bid, the more you’re willing to pay for the item. Your inner brat wants it at any price.

3. Psychological Reactance: People don’t like to be told they can’t have or can’t do something. It’s related to not wanting to be controlled by others, especially if the situation feels unfair or arbitrary. Your reaction is both emotional and behavioural. The emotional part is your inner brat saying, “Oh yeah? I can’t have what I want? Just try and stop me!”
The behavioral component is what you do about it, which usually involves some type of rebellious reaction. You see this with teenagers whose parents have forbidden them to date certain people. This also explains why a “Wet Paint” sign always invites unwanted fingerprints on the newly painted surface. Correct?

Next time you don’t get what you want, ask yourself whether one of the above factors has influenced your desire. If so, let go of the pursuit. Your inner brat won’t be happy, but ultimately (in the words of the Rolling Stones,) you “might just find [that] you get what you need.” So in the spirit of getting what you want and what you need, The Shiny Shabby Event opened its 'May' round on the 20th of this month and there is so much available for you all to see. After pushing and shoving people out of the way to see the awesome stores, (only kidding), I have so many blog posts to share with you.

Wearing the stunning new delights from Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant with their new releases just for you at Shiny Shabby, not to mention the gorgeous works of K-Band, Fri. and Revival and of course my favorite the creative Zerkalo with their Love Nest works with more of this to come.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today: -

Destination: - @ Shiny Shabby - May Round

Top: - K-Band Collar Shirts (Mint) from Kitt Ragu New @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Fresh Messs - Tableau Vivant  New @ Shiny Shabby
Socks: - Glam Affair High Socks - White New @ Shiny Shabby
Boots: - Fri. Muddy Boots New @ Shiny Shabby
Pillow Basket: - Revival Pillow Basket New @ Shiny Shabby
Rug: - Love Nest Rug - Zerkalo New @ Shiny Shabby
House: - 22769 The Hatake House - @ Neva River
Body: - Maitreya Mesh Body - V3.3 (New Update)