#485 Parallel Play with Bauhaus Movement

'A parallel universe or alternative reality is a hypothetical self-contained in a separate reality coexisting with one’s own.’
As a child I always had the somewhat strange feeling there was another Me somewhere, maybe it was wishful thinking. I could sense it but did not understand what it meant. When I talked about it with friends they thought I had simply lost my mind. So I stopped talking about it…For example when I was riding my bike on my way to school, I could not help thinking about The Other Me whom I felt Connected to. My play friend. Because I wanted to be part of the normal people (hahahahahaha) I decided not to mention it anymore. In that time people really thought you were totally abnormal when you had crazy ideas like that and considered you to be a psychiatric patient when you believed this was possible. One thing is sure, I am not a patient. I am a High Sensitive Person like many Others and have big ideas.
Much has changed since then. Science developed a huge interest in finding explanations for The Other Me’s, ‘Quantum Leaps’, they called it, Parallel Universes. They seemed to be totally convinced there was a parallel Universe with another Me, or several Universes called Multi-Universes with people exactly like me and you in a different dimension. If that was true.
This would explain dreams as well. Have you ever experienced a dream that was so vivid, and you wake up feeling like you were just there. Some people say it is a past life, some people say your dreams are you consciousness, and some say that it is from your parallel self. Whatever the case you remember every single detail and it feels so realistic. We can have dreams which are telling us what to do. We can dream about our beloved Ones. But we can also experience dreams in which we watch the Other Me…I remember dreams in which I literally SAW another Me. Making different choices and working out lines of my Destiny. Just food for thought, what if you found your other me, what would you do?
For now "me" is travelling to our destination for today and that being the Shiny Shabby Event for the month of July. Wearing the beautiful and unique design from one awesome designer and that being Bauhaus Movement, I bring to you our destination for today: -

Destinations: -  The Shiny Shabby Event

Dress: - Switchback Dress from Bauhaus Movement - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Hair: - Iconic Vaska Hair - Enhanced
Face: - Lelutka Karin Mesh Head with Glam Affair
Needle: - Black Liquid Needle - (New) @ Event 1st 

Pose: - LW-C Elevation Part 3 (old pose)


#484 Time to cool the Mind and the Body with Ever an Angel for Sneak Peek

When things heat up outside, the key to perfect health is to find ways to cool down – mentally, emotionally and physically. 
This affects everything we do including what we eat, when we exercise, and how we relax.

Here are six tips to keep you cool:

1. Avoid foods that heat you up 
When the body is already hot the last thing you need is to rev it up with spicy food. Go easy on the curries, chillies, hot peppers and salsas. Sour foods like yogurt, cheese and sour cream can add too much heat. Limit excessively salty foods – they will leave you dehydrated and aggravate your skin.

2. Favour foods that cool you down 
Sweet, bitter, astringent foods are the ones to go for. Good examples are sweet, ripe fruits like avocados, cherries, plums, grapes, pineapples, peaches and mangoes are perfect. Cilantro and mint are excellent and a little cinnamon is fine. Asparagus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, zucchini and green beans are all good as well.

3. Avoid ice cold drinks
 “What – no ice in my drink?? Isn't that the ultimate balance for all the heat?” Actually, no. While we need to keep cool, it is even more important to keep your digestion strong.  Your digestive system is like a fire that is responsible for converting food into energy. When the flames of your digestive fire are burning in a balanced way, you are able to assimilate all the good bits you need from your food whilst eliminating the not-so-good bits. However when you drink that iced-water with lunch, you are effectively putting out the flames of your digestive fire. So lay off the ice and go for room temperature. It will be assimilated into your body much faster and you will feel re hydrated more quickly.

4. Eat at the right time
 An important part of balancing your body and keeping cool is to eat your main meal in the middle of the day when your digestive fire is strongest. However, in the summer this may not be possible at work, so therefore have a light meal at lunch -salads, protein, and fruit after.

5. Exercise with a splash
 If you are working out, do it at the time of the day when nature is most cool. Early morning is best. Second best is early evening. Light exercise is recommended such as yoga, tai chi, walking and best of all, swimming especially when it is a hot night.

6. Turn down the temperature of the mind
 As is the mind, so is the body. The most powerful way to settle down the mind is to build in some regular time for what I call "Me Time"  each day. Even 1/2 hr at work is enough. However there are many other ways to turn down the dial on that busy, frazzled mind. Listen to some beautiful music, take a walk in nature or practice some conscious breathing to soothe your soul.

Wearing the beautiful new outfit from Sneak Peek from Ever an Angel, I bring to you our destination for today: - 

Destinations: -  SneakPeek

Outfit:- Ever an Angel Paint 2015 Nautical Nostalgia (New) @ Sneak Peek
Waist Chain: - Reverie Body Waist Chain (New) @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: - Tableau Vivant - Leste
Retro Sunglasses:- Zaara Goa Party Retro Sunglasses
Potted Plant: - Aria Signe Potted Plant
Pots with Watering Can: - 2279 Pots with Watering Can
Necklace: - Cae Balance Necklace
Houseboat: - Dust Bunny Daisy Houseboat  - (Rare)
Pier: - Dust Bunny Daisy Pier - (Rare)

Pose: - An Lar - The Evenflow Series Pose

#483 The Lonely Chair with Zerkalo

I was listening the other day, or eavesdropping ;) to two children talking about the playground with their mother. I was sitting on a train and the children were asking their parents "Can we go to the new playground Mum?" The mother unfortunately said, sorry I am a little busy this weekend. The children about age 10 said, but Mum it is just down the next block.
It made me think that when I was about 10 or less my parents used to yell at me 'Get outside'. We were never seen, except told to come back when the street lights came on. They never worried. The big world was our freedom.  Is our world that scary now that we can't teach our children safety and that we need to go with them all the time?

Are our lives so busy that we can't spare a few hours showing them the way, teaching them, training them what to do. Letting go of the apron strings?
Disturbingly, a new study has found that almost half of school aged children don't play outside each day.  Furthermore, the children in the study were found to be sedentary 80% of the time.
 That their parents did not agree with letting them go when they got home from school as they could not watch them.
Why does this matter?  Quite simply, outdoor play is good for children.
The benefits of outdoor play are well documented, and include:
  • increasing physical activity
  • increasing the body's vitamin D levels
  • reducing anxiety and improving mood
  • improving concentration and focus
  • enhancing imaginative and creative play
  • promoting problem solving and leadership skills
  • growing the next generation of stewards for the earth
  • developing stronger immune systems
Less time spent playing outdoors is linked to:
  • obesity
  • type II diabetes and high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • anxiety disorders and depression
  • attention deficit disorder
There has never been a more important time for parents and educators to make outdoor play a priority for the children in their lives.  It is one of the best things that we can do for their health, education and well-being. What ever happened to creativity, imaginary ideas and thoughts? -i.e.: Play time.  Food for thought - Are we so focused on our busy lives that we can't give our children time to play and pretend. What will happen to creativity in the future if our children do not learn this art.

The beautiful new chair in the photo above is a creation by Zerkalo for the Wayward Carnival,  

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today:

Destinations: -  The Wayward Carnival

Chair:- Zerkalo Chair Swing (New) @ The Wayward Carnival

#482 Lesson on Safety with Zerkalo and Little Branch

'A lesson on safety'

One day Little Crow was sitting on a ladder when Jack Rabbit came hopping, hopping, hopping by. Little Crow was called Little Crow 'cuz he was little but he was wise.

Jack Rabbit was a rabbit with long floppy ears and he was a slow old rabbit.

A crow was sitting on the ladder staring at the fruits below, thinking nothing but food and thinking how will he get to it. A small rabbit saw the crow and asked him: "Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?" The crow answered: "Sure, why not."
So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested.

All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.
Q: What can we learn from this?
A: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very high up.

If you are as cunning as the crow, you know that from high up you can always see around you, and should be aware of what is going on around you at all times. Safety at all times is paramount, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today:

Destinations: -  The Shiny Shabby Event

Stepladder: - Zerkalo Country Living - Stepladder (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Basket w Cherries: - Zerkalo Country Living - Basket w Cherries (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Basket W Apples: - Zerkalo Country Living - Basket w Apples (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Apple Tree: - Little Branch Apple Tree
Bathtub: - Nomad Industrial Bathtub
Hat: - Baiastice Delilah Mare Big Hat

Pic: Taken at Baby's Ear - scene modified a little


#481 Some Day with K.Villa, Bauhaus Movement and Glam Affair

There are so many amazing designers at the moment and some times I wish I could blog for them all.
Kitt Ragu has just released this comfortable vest at Shiny Shabby called the K - Villa Vest for men and women. I loved the tones of the soft grey with this gorgeous background taken at Baby's Ear - the creator being Neva Crystall. With some small amendments to the land, I bring to you this pic for today.

One other designer that inspires me a lot is that of 'Bauhaus Movement'. I truly adore her poses. The creator of Bauhaus Movement is  (LouLou Teichmann). LouLou's fluid poses can be used in many different situations, and whilst she does not call for bloggers, I truly adore grabbing her latest poses so I can use them often for my blogs.

One other designer that is also showcasing their works at Shiny Shabby is that of Glam Affair. One of my fav's for Glam Affair is that of the skin America. The soft delicate features, the attention to detail and colouring is what grabs me every time. Glam Affair have released the new Yolandi skin, wearing the Yolandi America 02, with a slight eyebrow change, this skin comes in various unique tones, eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today:

Destinations: -  The Shiny Shabby Event

Skin: - Glam Affair - Yolandi America  - 02 - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Vest: - K.Villa Vest Femme - Light Grey - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Hair: - Entwined April  - Dark Blonde
Bucket: - Zerkalo Country living  - Old Bucket - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Burlap Bag: - Apt B Living Burlap Bag - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Stepladder: - Zerkalo Country Living - Stepladder - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Canopy: - Zerkalo Tenderness Canopy
Backpack: -GB Hina Backpack - (New) @ Kustom 9
Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Palmira (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event

#480 Put music to our troubles and we will dance them away with Entwined, Zerkalo, Zenith and Aria

Feeling the dread of Monday, sitting here writing this as it is now Sunday.  Monday, also known as the most dreaded day of the week. This is my normal pattern. Alarm clock rings. Snooze button smashed a hundred times. I rise to start the work week and begin my routine. Drive for an hr and a half only to hear more frustrations in the workplace, not to mention I always seem to wake up in a crappy mood as I am frustrated it is Monday. Grabbing a coffee or three, I set ahead at the day's work, only wishing I could be at home cranking the music up high and that I can start Sunday again.

I hate Monday! I hate today! I hate my life!
That’s when I realized I needed to change my mood STAT. Everything around me, every person and particle in my environment was reacting to my negativity, negatively. 
How would I shake this negative energy? By fixing my mindset. By trying hard to remember that if you start Monday, Friday and the weekend is just around the corner.
Here are the steps I have taken to turn my frown upside down! and to not rush through the week.
  • A Shower to Cleanse:  A great shower can relax and center us. It rids us of the grime and stress of the day. I also do my best creating in the shower. 
  • A Musical Love Note: Music rocks my world. I can always count on the smooth rhythms and moving lyrics of a love song to bring me positivity. Today I listened to “Happy Face” by Destiny’s Child, as it is a song about appreciating our blessings and loving ourselves. “I’m living. I’m able. I’m breathing. I’m grateful. To put on my happy face!” and sing to my heart content whilst driving to work.
  • Dance, Dance, Revolution: I turned on iTunes at breakfast time and bop to the music. There is nothing like dancing to lift spirits. Don't you agree?
  • Writing: Writing about my woes, doubts and fears helps me release negative energy. Writing is my therapy. It is my leather couch in a doctors office without the cost. I rested my hands on the keys and released my emotions. And I feel so much better.
  • Stare at My Vision Board: My vision board keeps me focused on the present moment and all the things I need to do today to meet my future goals. I have my vision board as a screensaver on my desktop. It is also the lock screen on my iPhone. It’s everywhere!
Bottomline, fixing our mindset really isn’t that difficult. It just takes effort, desire and certainty. So bring on Monday, at least I have work that pays the bills and that I am happy and healthy. It could be a lot worse.
For more information come take a walk to our destination for today: - 

Hair: - Entwined Abella - Light Silver Blonde - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Stump Coffee Table: - Aria Stump Coffee Table - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Dress: - Zenith Long Shirt with Belt- (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Earings: - Reverie - Nimbin Obsidian Earing - Silver (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Ring: - Reverie - Nimbin Obsidian Earing - Silver (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Bag: - Zenith Spheric Rattan bag -Light (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Ethnic Drums: - Zerkalo Ethnic Drums (New) @ The Fantasy Collective
Rug: - Zerkalo Dancing Rug - Sands (New) @ The Fantasy Collective
Guitar: - Zerkalo Lonely Bard Guitar
Debake: - Cinphul Gitane Debake

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Keely 2