#765 Time falls away in these small hours..

Let it go 
Let it roll right off your shoulder 
Don't you know 
The hardest part is over..
Let it in 
Let your clarity define you 

Our lives are made 
In these small hours 
These little wonders 
These twists and turns of fate 

Time falls away 
But these small hours 
These small hours still remain.. 

Thankyou to Narcisse Constantine for opening up her homestead sim for us all to be able to visit today. 
Showcasing the amazing new landscape destination called: 'Bliss'. 

The landscape design created by Tate has been magically captured for Narcisse based on her childhood memories growing up and exploring the wilds of remote islands. Bliss is a rustic landscape peppered with wildlife, which fills you with a sense of relaxation and calm and this little wonder is available for you all to view now. 

Thankyou as well to Jay T Murs from 6º Republic Event for awarding me early access for this awesome event!

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: - 

Destinations: - FaMESHed6th Republic  

JIAN Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair - (New) @ FaMESHed
Terracotta Planter by Galland Homes - (New) @ FaMESHed
Ariskea [Fameshed] May - (New) @ FaMESHed
DRD - Backyard Art Studio - Paint Can Lamp - (New) @ FaMESHed
Apple Fall Copper Shovel & Pitchfork - (New) @ FaMESHed
hive // old tractor . tawny - (New) @ 6th Republic  
Hayabusa Design Oak-Chene  - (landscape item used for Bliss) 
we're CLOSED] shrub large green - (landscape item used for Bliss) 
HEART - Queen's Maiden Flowering Bush 3 – Pink - (landscape item used for Bliss) 
HPMD* Cliff Hill – A - (landscape item used for Bliss) 

Taken at: - 'Bliss'

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