#698 The weight of the world...

There's the devil on your back, Worry on your mind,
Weight of the world on your shoulders;
Don't look back, don't waste time..Everything's gonna be just fine...

Do you have what I call, “Weight of the World Syndrome”?
How tightly are you gripping life?  
Does it feel like the moment you relax everything will crumble around you?
Are you afraid that if you let off the gas even a little you will end up disappointing those you love?  Does it feel like the weight of all that is in your world – falls squarely on your shoulders?

So how do you take the weight of the world off your shoulders.. 
Start noticing (and expanding) all that you don’t have to manage. Managing and caring for all aspects of life is technically impossible. Start paying attention to the minor (and major) details that you don’t have to manage.  

Notice what happens when you let yourself off the hook even a little.
It isn’t your responsibility to make the sun rise and set each day.

Flowers bloom, trees grow, the wind blows, without your telling them to do so. 
There are lots of other ways that life moves forward – in your own world – without your involvement. Experiment with letting other duties fall into this category and start to let go a little each day.

People aren’t ever going to pick up the slack if they think you have it covered.

There is a whole other life to live outside of doing.

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