#695 All the light we cannot see..

Simply put: - We need to remember to “Open our eyes to the beauty around us, don't stress on the parts we cannot change, the indifferent, the negativity that we hear, the people that want to change us as it makes them feel better.

To open our mind to the wonders of life, open our heart to those who love or need you, and always be true to yourself.”.. To feel sympathy for those who want us to conform to their world. To be brave and be true to yourself for who you are and/or what you want to be.

You think you know me better;
Standing where you are;
But I have tried to tell you;
That I don't know where you are
Do you feel bigger?
Do you feel better now?
'Cause I don't feel better now.
And all the light we cannot see;
I won't ever take it from you now;
Take it from you now.
And all the light we cannot see;
I'm no better, better than you now;
I'm no better than you now.
And all the light we cannot see..

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