#640 Reverend, What is down the well?..."Foggy Swamp"

Whether it is me getting into a Halloween mood or my moods in general are full steam ahead with emotions, with everything going on in my life, I like many of you all could not resist to await the clock count down when Neva and Keon Zenga announced their new sim called 'Foggy Swamp'.

Foggy Swamp has just opened it's doors and is hauntingly magical, which has opened just in time for Halloween.

Excert from Neva's page:-

"As your feet threads past the gates into the Foggy Swamp, be warned that it is the one night where the line between the living and the dead fades as the spirits of both the departed and the vengeful ghouls and fairies of the Otherworld roams the earth during this day with a single mission - Chaos!

Be wary to stay on the path through the dark and foggy village without swaying, else you will never find your way back. As it leads you through the old and forgotten Victorian settlement into the graveyard and further on to the pagan shrine, you can still hear the faint whispers of incantations from the spirits of the last hundred years amongst us. Their chilling presence lingers inside the Hotel that lays upon the rocks, guarding the shore, waiting for new intrusion on the land. Dare you be one of them?
We hope to see you all in the Foggy Swamp during the next 2 months, to have a great time exploring and enjoy the scenery as we tried to do our best in giving you a special Halloween feeling!"

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today: - 

Destination: - Foggy Swamp

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