#625 When we were young...

Do you remember when you were younger and the amount of risks that you used to take? I used to run and jump off high cliffs into the water, use a swing and push myself so high to the sky, never a worry in the world and never a person telling me to not jump here, not jump there...Taking risks is part of life. It is most definitely part of growing up.
If we don’t take risks we never learn about our own capabilities or discover the joy of new experiences. Risk can be good, but they can also be unhealthy. That not all risks are bad.

Healthy risk-taking is a valuable experience. It is one that has the possibility of failure, but is also rewarding and relatively safe. Healthy risks that are good to encourage in teens include sporting activities, artistic & creative abilities (theatre, dance, music), volunteer activities, travelling, making new friends, or entering competitions (academic or athletic).

Unhealthy risk-taking behaviour includes driving too fast (yes you know it is true), texting or talking on the phone while driving, unprotected sex, stealing, gang activity, or disordered eating, etc etc. It is a matter of letting a person fall, letting them learn from their mistakes and being there when they are hurting. Putting a child, or teen into a cotton wool ball will not let them learn about life and most of all, learning about having ‘FUN”. Remember when you were young?

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