#564 The key to a kinder, gentler world starts with you. Choose wisely, act compassionately, tread gently and watch the seeds of your kindness grow.

In taking this picture, I loved the country wide open feel and it reminded me of the quote “The key to a kinder, gentler world starts with you. Choose wisely, act compassionately, tread gently and watch the seeds of your kindness grow.”says Edgar Mission’…

To give a little insight of myself from that quote - All my life, I’ve had a reputation for being ‘kind’. Gee’s that girl is kind, gees she is ‘nice’. I hated it at one stage. The truth is that yes I do try to be kind at all times, and get frustrated when people are not. I think why pick on that person, why pick on that kid, why be a ‘biatch’, if you know what I mean. Why try and be better than that person. It hurts me sometimes to see people so mean. I am not naïve, have travelled extensively throughout the world, and each place is different for their ‘niceness ‘and in saying that there is hatred in many, many cases. For e.g.: and don’t laugh, I was driving along a busy main road, and this lady in front of cars, steps onto the road –no crossing in sight, pulls out on a green light and proceeds to walk across the road. Totally unaware that in each direction of traffic, people were swerving to prevent from hitting her. I was about five cars back, I pulled over to the left, got out of my car and started to block the cars, to help her get across the road. The lady was middle aged and noted did have some mental health issues.  People honked, blasted her and me, shouted abuse, gawked, and stared, when all she needed was help in crossing the road. She never thanked me, and off she went muttering to herself.
I wonder how many people thought I wonder if I should help, but instead just yelled abuse.

When I was a kid, there were times I felt like my kindness was a weakness. I got picked on by other kids, or even as an adult am told I am too ‘soft’. I am in a management position for looking after people, and always strive to get the best out of people. As they say never kick a dog as it will bite you back one day. I have a great team, and we all work hard to achieve our required jobs and like normal we have our up and down moments. My team are my equal and they challenge me like I do them. I always ask them to speak the truth and don’t hesitate even when you think the truth may hurt, but be delicate and tactful but don’t grumble about the problem. Come to me with an idea of how to fix the problem and we can work it out together.
I dare say I got picked on because I was different. Different in the sense I never followed peer pressure and did what I wanted to do, not what other’s told me to do. From a very young age, my parents used to say, so where are you going young lady? I used to say ‘Don’t know yet!, will be back by the time the lights come on, etc. I was an adventurer, was always strongly independent and to this day still am.  I never fought back unless reasonably hurt, (call a punch in the face - hurt) but only retaliated to stand my ground but would normally be wordsmith witty rather than have a fist fight. (I have a very large verbal vocabulary when I get going).  If someone was bullied in the playground I would be the one to come to their rescue and so on and so on. I fought back only when needing too.

Yet I am human, and imperfect. I have a temper, but I am pretty skilled at keeping myself from a temper outburst.  I promised myself that when I write on this blog, I’d do my best to be authentic. To tell the truth. To avoid putting on some false idea of who I am as a person. So that’s why, when I write about kindness today, I want to be honest.

Imagine living in a world where everyone was ‘nice’, and that no one was trying to compete, and try and be better than each other. Isn’t it a matter of being yourself, not trying to be someone else. It is about learning to grow yourself, and to be the best you can be. So a question, When have you been kind to people of late? It’s never too late to start.
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