#510 I miss you Grandpa with Zerkalo

Zerkalo have outdone themselves of late with their amazing Arcade design which is available for you now. This collection of works inspired me to write about my Grandfather who lived in a small cottage like the one above. I can remember the smell of cigar smoke when he walked away, seeing his slippers in the same spot left by the porch and his favorite chair that he loved to sit in and read his daily newspaper.

Apart of me remembers each and every detail of that place that felt like a second home to me.

I thank the many other designers that have inspired me to use some of their items which are listed below.

Zerkalo indeed have opened up my heart and memories and this awesome collection is available now at our destination for today: -

Destination:- The Arcade

Cabin: - Zerkalo Cozy Cabin - (Rare) - @  available at The Arcade
Rocking Chair: - Zerkalo Cozy Cabin - Rocking Chair - @  available at The Arcade
Old Rug: - Zerkalo Cozy Cabin - Old Rug - @  available at The Arcade
Autumn Leaves: - Zerkalo Cozy Cabin - Autumn Leaves- @  available at The Arcade
Hair: - Entwined - Olivia @  available now instore
Outfit: - MSS Paisley - Lace Dress - @ now instore
Earrings: - Meva White Flowerset- available now instore
Necklace: - Zenith Vintage Pearl Necklace with Key
Quilt: - Cinphul Quilt - No 4
Deck: - We're Closed House Deck (dark)
Shrub: - We're Closed Shrug - Type Brown

Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Aan.

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