#481 Some Day with K.Villa, Bauhaus Movement and Glam Affair

There are so many amazing designers at the moment and some times I wish I could blog for them all.
Kitt Ragu has just released this comfortable vest at Shiny Shabby called the K - Villa Vest for men and women. I loved the tones of the soft grey with this gorgeous background taken at Baby's Ear - the creator being Neva Crystall. With some small amendments to the land, I bring to you this pic for today.

One other designer that inspires me a lot is that of 'Bauhaus Movement'. I truly adore her poses. The creator of Bauhaus Movement is  (LouLou Teichmann). LouLou's fluid poses can be used in many different situations, and whilst she does not call for bloggers, I truly adore grabbing her latest poses so I can use them often for my blogs.

One other designer that is also showcasing their works at Shiny Shabby is that of Glam Affair. One of my fav's for Glam Affair is that of the skin America. The soft delicate features, the attention to detail and colouring is what grabs me every time. Glam Affair have released the new Yolandi skin, wearing the Yolandi America 02, with a slight eyebrow change, this skin comes in various unique tones, eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners.

So what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destination for today:

Destinations: -  The Shiny Shabby Event

Skin: - Glam Affair - Yolandi America  - 02 - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Vest: - K.Villa Vest Femme - Light Grey - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Hair: - Entwined April  - Dark Blonde
Bucket: - Zerkalo Country living  - Old Bucket - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Burlap Bag: - Apt B Living Burlap Bag - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Stepladder: - Zerkalo Country Living - Stepladder - (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event
Canopy: - Zerkalo Tenderness Canopy
Backpack: -GB Hina Backpack - (New) @ Kustom 9
Pose: - Bauhaus Movement - Palmira (New) @ The Shiny Shabby Event

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