#473 I wish for.... with Bauhaus Movement, Zenith and Pilot

    The keys to unimaginable power are within the reach of the entire population. I am certain that the next leap for our species will not be launched from the factories of physical technology, but from the night flights of creative dreamers. Think about the possibilities. —Howard Rhinegold.
    You are walking down a path and come to a colorful stone. As you pick up the stone, you hear a voice, "Squeeze the stone with all your might, and your wishes will be granted. Use the stone as often as you like." You hold the stone in your trembling hand for a few seconds, close your eyes, and make your wishes. So what are your wishes? Since my earliest memory, I have been fascinated by the notion of wish fulfillment.  From the three wishes, to religious prayers, to blowing out birthday candles, we are continually wishing, wishing, wishing....
    So what do people wish for today? Wealth, Power, Life, Harmony, Happiness?
    When I was little I wished to be a fairy princess and that my knight in shining armour would come and rescue me. Unfortunately, too many Walt Disney Movies later, my wish became similar to I Dream of Jeanie, and wanting just to look like her. 
    I think of "wishing" as part of a whole cultural picture; people's wishes mirror their feelings and position in the rest of society. So what do you wish for?
    Wearing the beautiful new dress from Zenith and the gorgeous aray of flowers from Bauhaus Movement, I bring to you these destinations for today: - 
Destinations: - The Season's Story, Collabor88

Dress: - Zenith=Summer Lace Dress (Rose) (New) @ TSS
Hair: - ::Exile::Quiet Waters (New) @ Collabor88
Flowers in Hair: - Bauhaus Movement - Sissy (Spring) Headpiece (New) @ TSS
Earings: - LaGyo_Anantha earrings Silver (New) @ TSS
Treasure Chest: - PILOT - Treasure Chest (New) @ Collabor88
Skin: - Glam Affair - Rose skin - ( America ) 01

Pose: - !bang - mix up 2 (New)
Picture taken at Baby's Ear <33

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