#470 Icecream cures all hurts with Fancy Decor, Eyelure and Sari Sari

When I was a young girl and I had hurt myself, my parents used to sit me down stroke my head and say everything will be ok. I might have had blood pouring from a deep cut and they would be thinking damn this needs stitches, but their face would be all smiles.  Sayings like the band aid will fix all ills, even though I believed them and came out with 10 stitches across my knee.  They would then give me a small treat whether it be ice-cream in the summer or some hot toast in the winter. All my pain would dissipate and I would feel no further concern as they made it all better. It is funny how as an adult the pain you feel when you twist your ankle, and there is only you to curse, swear and scream in agony, wishing that once again you could be a child and the pain would go away with tender touches and some treats.

It is the same when you are sick. Your loved ones can only do so much for you, but sometimes that being looked after is all that you are wanting. When I had a heavy head cold as a child, my mother would cut me up some hot toast with some vegemite, (don't cringe for those who don't like vegemite), some lemonade and sit me in front of the TV where I would sulk and want to get better and grin at my other sibling that I had the rights to the TV today.

When sick as adults, we pour ourselves into work with dreaded bugs, sharing all our germies with all our colleagues, blowing our nose like a hooter and spreading our viruses galore, only trying to impress the boss that we can work and be sick at the same time. How life changes from a child to an adult.

Here are some good remedies that have been used for many many years which help you to feel better especially when you have the dreaded lurgy (flu, cold), not in any particular order:-

1. Lemon Honey Tea: People believe this cures everything from cold to tuberculosis. It doesn’t cure anything, but it tastes good and soothes a sore throat better than pretty much anything else. I usually add a slice of ginger, especially if my stomach is acting up and I’ll sip this all day long when I have a cold or a flu.

2. Tiger Balm: This wonderful, clove-scented product is wonderful to massage into achy joints and I rub a dab on my temples or forehead if I have a headache, but watch out because sometimes the vapors can make your eyes water or cause temporary redness on your skin.

3. Smoothies with ice-cream make everything better: Throw some frozen fruit, a little juice, almond milk or coconut milk into a blender and slurp away. In our house, we like smoothies when we can’t stomach much else. Another big treat is to stir together a slushy out of fruit sorbet and lime flavored water.

4.  Fresh Eucalyptus in the House: You can usually find fresh bunches of eucalyptus wherever flowers are sold. Lightly crush the leaves and stems to release their oils and then hang the branches upside down in your shower. Will bring wonders to your problem breathing when you have a head cold.

5. Hot Soup with Toast Soldiers: - Most people swear by chicken soup, but when I’m sick I really like tom yum, pho and miso the best. The garlic, ginger, lemongrass and hot peppers really help to ease congestion and warm you up, plus they’re delicious, not to mention good old Mum's chicken soup I may not get it from her anymore, but I can surely cook it up and I don't mind eating it as well.
Soup must come with toast soldiers, toast warm with some butter/margarine and cut into four slices. Yumm <3 Slices that you can dunk into your soup.

6. TV—You’re sick: This is the perfect excuse to sit around and do nothing but watch movies, blog or second life. Nothing wrong with being lazy for a change when you are sick. You didn’t do anything wrong to cause yourself to get sick and guilt will make you feel worse. It’s not because you didn’t exercise or meditate enough or take the right combination of supplements. Sometimes we just get sick. End of story. This is your time to be ill and understand that it is temporary and soon you will be well again and back to your regularly scheduled activities.

One activity that we should be visiting at the moment when you are feeling better, is that of our destinations for today: -

Destination: - Fancy Décor (TMD), Candy Fair 2015, Eyelure

Dress: -  Eyelure Club Dress - Lilac Blue - (New) @ Eyelure
Shoes: - Hi Top Chunks - (New) @ Eyelure
Table: - Fancy Décor Table - (New) @ TMD
Play Girl Magazine: - Fancy Décor Magazine - (New) @ TMD
Beach Boyz Album: - Fancy Décor Album - (New) @ TMD
Phone Dock:-  Fancy Décor Phone Dock - (New) @ TMD
Tissues: - Fancy Décor Tissues - (New) @ TMD
Icecream: - Pink Acid Icecream (New) @ Candy Fair 2015
Hair: -  Lelutka Jaden Hair
Couch: - Zaara 2 Block Printed Couch
Futon: - Zaara Home Futon Turquoise
Rug: - Brown Rug - Junk

Pose: - Sari Sari Apples 04 - (New) @ Candy Fair 2015

Picture: - Taken at Blithe

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