#430 Let's bring the music inside with Zerkalo, 8f8 Creations, Toro and Cinphul

Shiny Shabby opens its doors to you all tomorrow and I am so excited. Shiny Shabby has so many exclusive items waiting to be bought. Some of these are collections are from 8f8 Creations, Musical items from Cinphul and beautiful unique pieces from a very busy woman - Zerkalo.

So many unique designers captivating the essence of the theme being for this month -  "Russia" with Love from the amazing Neva Crystall the inspiration behind Shiny Shabby along with Ana├»s Terpellie. They have created this amazing sim which opens each month for you all.

I have been following Neva Crystall for quite some time now and get so excited when I see her pinterest ideas and what she is thinking when it comes to the month for Shiny Shabby. You too can follow her ideas at this page: - https://www.pinterest.com/ncrystall/shiny-shabby~april-round. You can follow mine at the same time if you like. :)

So what are you waiting for, add this destination for tomorrow. This is a definitely a must see -opening soon!! To get into the spirit of Russia and the sounds that these items make,  come take a peek below.

Destination: - @ Shiny Shabby - April Round

Table: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Table New @ Shiny Shabby
Chair: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Chair New @ Shiny Shabby
Frame: - [ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Frame1 New @ Shiny Shabby
Rugs: -[ zerkalo ] Moscow Nights - Rug 3 and Rug 2  New @ Shiny Shabby
Fleur: - cinphul // Gitane Oud [Fleur] New @ Shiny Shabby
Gitane Derbake: - cinphul // Gitane Derbake [Mosaic] New @ Shiny Shabby
Gitane Daff: - cinphul // Gitane Daff [Rabbits] New @ Shiny Shabby
Mirror: - Toro. Russian Woodwork Inspired Mirror (SHORT) Brown New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Samovar - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations- Butterfly Tea Set - Napkin Holder - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set: 8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Podstakannik - Emtpy Cup/s New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations- Butterfly Tea Set - Tray - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Butterfly Tea Set:8f8 Creations - Butterfly Tea Set - Sugar Pot - Khokhloma New @ Shiny Shabby
Buffet: - Apple Fall Stephanie Buffet
Moccasins:Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
Thistles: - Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Newspaper: - Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
House: - Room from Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse
Candle: - POST: Humble Candle Stick (Stump) C
Book Pile: - ARIA &  The Loft  Devon book pile and glasses
Fruit Bowl: - Bazar Fruit Bowl

Keeping with the theme of Russia, come listen to some beautiful and traditional sounds of Russia.

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