#404 We'll always be together, however far it seems with Indyra, Alouette, Tableau Vivant and Apple Fall

I only knew you for a while
I never saw your smile
'Til it was time to go
Time to go away (time to go away)
Sometimes it's hard to recognise
Love comes as a surprise
And it's too late
It's just too late to stay
Too late to stay

We'll always be together
However far it seems
(Love never ends)
We'll always be together....

Destination for today: - @ Collabor88 (February, 2015)

Outfit: -Indyra Ellarie - Top and Leggings (New)
Hair: - Choko - Tableau Vivant (New) Group Gift

Bird Cage -Alouette Bird Cage for the Neighbourhood Event (New)
Suitcase:- Monogram Suitcase -Apple Fall @ Collabor88 (February, 2015) (New)
Bar: - Masculine Bar - Apple Fall @ Collabor88 (February, 2015) (New)
Table: 8f8 Granny's Winter Cottage Table
Rug: - Junk Animal Rug
Diary: - Bazar Traveller Diary

Pose: - Listener - Del May (New)

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