#390 The Imaginary is what tends to become real with Apple May Designs and Bauhaus Movement

“It is only through fiction and the dimension of the imaginary that we can learn something real about individual experience." Mischa Moyet

I can't describe it in detail. Because there simply is no detail. The Imaginary world is a place that's free to change into anything that you want it to be. It's this amazing place that be in the clouds or under the sea; in space or back in time. Wherever it is and whatever it may be, it's the place where my heart, my mind, and my spirit can just flow and fly and escape. This is what Secondlife is to me.  A way of capturing my dreams and transferring that to a reality.

Is it just me or does reality really have us in shackles? Aren't we forced to accept all the formality that comes with our society? We can be free! If only in our minds or when online, to escape from reality and if my mind is all I have. .. then I'll take what I can get and enjoy learning something about me.


Picture taken atNeva River Serendipity

Destination: - Apple May Designs, and Bauhaus Movement

Hair: - Truth Hair - Aspen

Vest: - Faun Linx Fur Vest (New)
Skirt: - Mistress High Waist Leather Skirt (Black) (New) @ Apple May Designs

Pose: - My Belle Pose 13 by Bauhaus Movement (New) @Collabor88

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