#359 Valentine is done with GizzA and Eyelure

Valentine is done here but now they're gone, 
Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity
(Romeo and Juliet)
40,000 men and women every day,
(Like Romeo and Juliet)
40,000 men and women every day
(Redefine happiness)
Another 40,000 coming every day
(We can be like they are)
Come on baby, Don't be afraid
(Don't fear the reaper)

Wearing combined (just for this blog page), three sexy outfits from GizzA  featuring two of GizzA's latest new outfits called Flowery Perfume / which is assorted colours as HotPants and shirt  teamed up with the amazing outfit called No Escape from GizzA.

Wearing the sexy new lip gloss from Eyelure I bring to you our destinations for today:-

Destinations: - GizzA and Eyelure

Top:  - Flowery Perfume (New from GizzA)
Shorts: - Flowery Perfume Hotpants (New from GizzA)
Stockings/Belt: - GizzA - No Escape! Outfit (New from GizzA)
Lips: Eyelure Clear LipGloss (New from Eyelure)

Hair: - *+JENOVA's+* & **Dura**(Hair)(Dark Brown)
Holster: - GizzA - Untouchables / Trousers [Grey] Gun Holster

Background: - Taken at Ashuertus

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