#343 It's a Waiting Game with GizzA

Sitting here sneezing, tissues beside me, head throbbing. All I ever seem to do is play the waiting game. Waiting at the doctors in line, other people staring thinking wonder what has she got..flu, cold, lurgy, do I move away?

I have to admit that whilst they are looking at me, I am doing the same, trying to hold my breath so I don't end up picking up another bug this year. So far this being the second time this winter and it has definitely taking hold. Bring back the summer I say.

All my life I seem to be playing the waiting game. Waiting for news about an advancement in my career, waiting in line for a bus, waiting in line to get my car serviced, waiting for the doctor to come out and tell me what I already know so I can receive a medical certificate to give to work. Waiting for that moment that life will slow down and I can breathe again. Do you ever sometimes feel all you ever do is wait, wait, wait?

Bringing to you some latest pieces which I have been tardy not to blog and do apologise as I am ill, I bring to you our destination for today:-

Destination: GizzA and the Summerfest '14

Outfit: - GizzA - Matilda Outfit (New)
Sunglasses: - GizzA - Matilda Outfit [Boho] Sunglasses (New)
Necklace:GizzA - Matilda Outfit [Boho] Necklace (New)
Skin: - Glam Affair - Cassia - America - 08 B (New) at the Summerfest '14
Hair: - +Spellbound+ River // Brunettes (New) at the Summerfest '14
Lips: - Izzie's - Ginevra Lipstick glossy apricot
Eyelashes: - 30- Spider *REDGRAVE*
Cheeks: - {Dead Apples} Tintable 
Hands: - Slink Av Enhance Hands Female - Casual
Boat: - Pizza's & Tarte. sailbed (pineapple) RARE (New) at the Summerfest '14
Crate: - oyasumi / crate (bottles) / dark (New) at the Summerfest '14

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