#213 10 Things I Like About Me with SoliDea Folies

Unlike the chain letters of yesteryear, no money changes hands and no one is threatened with apocalyptic bad luck for refusing to comply. Yet the practice has spread so far and so fast that a google search for '25 Random things about me" yields some 10,000 pages of results, almost all of which seem to have been created in the last few months. Strawberry Singh and her mesmerizing memes make us all smile, and is a perfect way at getting to know your readers and they in turn getting to know about you.

So just for something a little different, I will tell you some '10 Things I like about Meme'

1. I love life, I believe it is a gift to treasure and I am very passionate in all that I do
2. I'm 5 ft.6, in real life, not too tall and not to short ;)
3. I am mainly happy, and carefree, a soul seeker but have a soft heart
4. I have long blonde hair, and blue eyes. Similar to Mischa, but some parts different :p
5. I am very active and love my sport (swimming, and surf boat rowing), yes that's right.
6. I love taking photographs using a real camera.
7. I love to learn and I am currently learning how to use photoshop better, taking classes at night.
8. I am a mother of a tempestuous child :) but I love him always
9. I love going on road trips - even day outings. Exploring new places. Guess that is why I called this blog SL Destinations :)
10. I love all types of music, but my fav song at present which i sing out loud in the car is 'Clarity', and because I love it so much I am sharing it below for you.

So tell me what 10 things do you like about you?

I bring to you our destinations for today:- SoliDea Folie and Alurian Haven

Outfit *SoliDea FoliEs* Celeste
Skin - Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 07
Eyes - .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Gray
Eye MakeupSoliDea Folies Eye dress black butterfly
Eyelid Makeup - Eyelure SheerGloss - Soft
Eyelashes -::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - EyeLashes
Lipstick - Izzie's - Lipstick nude apricot
Hair - Vanity Hair: Love After War-Blonde
Hands - Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant
Feet - Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Natural

Pose -  FPP - Taylor Set 4.1

Scenery from our destination Alurian Haven

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