#193 Patience of a Saint - Eyelure, Arcade Gacha and Fameshed

It occurred to me today, that another characteristic that all successful bloggers must gain quickly is patience. Let’s face it the opposite of patience is ‘hasty’ and ‘impetuous’ and I think that is me today. Sitting here waiting with hundreds of others, my patience is at it's thinnest as I like the other people are eagerly waiting the opening of the Arcade Gacha and Fameshed at midnight tonight.

What I find is that my friends think I have the patience of a saint, but at this present time my patience is of frustration, jostling  can't sit still, frantic, and above all checking the line of credit to see whether the Arcade Gacha is going to make me worry about money for the next few weeks.

So whilst I sit here and count down the next 15 secs, 14, 13, 12... until it opens, I bring to you one designer that has a bucket load of patience and that is Eyelure.  Wearing the cute little Dream Tee and the gorgeous little Kickers, I bring to you our top destinations for today - 

Destination - Eyelure and Arcade Gacha and Fameshed

Dress - Eyelure Dream Tee (New)
Hair  - ""D!va"" Hair "Marie" (Type A) (Amber)
Skin - 03   Pale Skin -Liv- / rose *REDGRAVE
Lips Eyelure Contour Gloss (New)
ShoesEyelure Kicks - Pink (New)
Accessory 1 - GizzA - SunGlasses

Pose -Slouch Pose 177

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