# 184 Who wants to come on a twilight dip with OrsiniSun

One of my favorite pass times is go for a midnight swim. I can say sometimes to appear spontaneous and fun, I do strip down to show off my jubblies (or your jigglies), and then run along the beach/or wharf and jump into the body of water with no clothes on.  However there are times when adventurous, I feel not, when my skin is still pasty white after winter and one needs to go visit a tanning salon and a beautician all at the same time, which calls for leaving the bottom half on (for now).  
See I'm the curly fry, who at the same time is a worry wort.  No matter what I might be called from my friends it happens every year.  The first light of spring/summer until the body becomes ready for the show and tell, or in my case towel drop and run like crazy.  I do adore my twilight swims.
This elegant and eye catching swimsuit from OrsiniSun is perfect for the twilight plunge or for soaking up the sun by day. This piece  comes in many different colours but my favorite is the little bird blue. 
So if you absolutely must wear a costume, of sorts, I have the answer for you. Wear the bottom half, cause in the twilight, it dosen't matter no one can see you. :) 
So for today I bring to you our destination - OrsiniSun.  

Bikini - OrsiniSun Bikini Little Bird Blue (New)
Skin - Glam Affair - Cleo - America - 07 A
Feet- [Gos] Boutique -  Barefoot - Arched
Eyelashes - 30- Spider *REDGRAVE*
Eyes - Opal- *REDGRAVE*
Hair - [LeLutka]-ALICE hair
Accessory 1 - [Gos] Boutique - FlipFlops - Paint
Accessory 2 - OrsiniSun Basket Fish Little Bird Blue*
Accesssory 3 - [what next} Hampton Fishing Rod
Accessory 4 - [we're CLOSED] pond deck V2

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