#118 My heart yearns for you, with OrsiniRed

I am wearing my heart on my shoulder today and thought this animation suited my inner feelings well.  My heart you see has a hole in it that would swallow this computer whole.  It yearns for a family member that is slowly passing away with advanced dementia. To hear her laugh once again and the thought of her warm hugs, makes my tears well up and ache for her like no other by my side. Having to be the stronger one in the family,  I find myself today not being able to hide my feelings. No matter what brave face I put on for my family and friends, my blog tells the story for me.

My mind strays to the times when we walked through the countryside together, hand in hand, laughing, giggling and sharing so many great memories.  I know the times we have together are not going to be much longer, but each day that I visit her I think I know I am not alone.

Wearing this beautiful OrsiniRed outfit called Soft Roses, the delicate creation reminds me that I will always remember the good days we share together and each day that I am there visiting her I know she will always remember me.

This is for you mum -  'I love you' x

Destination: OrsinRed

Top - OrsiniRed Mesh Top Soft Roses
Skirt - OrsiniRed Mesh Skirt Soft Roses
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk BL 1
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (True Grey)
Hair - TRUTH Francesca -  Red
Accessory 1 - DeLa Sunglasses Swirl Black lens

Pose - Manifeste - Model_45

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