#93 Pixelites Inc, and MANDALA

The other day when having my bath I started chuckling to myself as I captured a bubble in my hand and blew it straight up in the air.  It was huge, watching it rise slowly, it seemed to float forever. Climbing higher and higher for about five minutes, I couldn't stop smiling to myself remembering what it was like to blow bubbles as a child. Being impatient as I waited for my parents to buy the detergent and the wand, eagerly waiting to run outside and be the first to blow the bubbles before my brother. 
We all love bubbles. They are pretty amazing aren’t they. The way they start as just some liquid and form a wonderful colourful floating sphere that floats away and pops in mid air.  Just watching bubbles is both rewarding and relaxing and something everyone loves to do at some time.
I know I'm not the only one :)
 That is why our amazing destination for today, courtesy of a friend in Secondlife, took me to this fantasy land of bubbles and a time that in my past I would have loved to grab that wand once again and see how many I could make to float around all at once before they all started to pop.
Our destination for today is:
Destination - World's End Garden

Dress - ::PL::(Pixelites Inc) Casual Tank Dress - Mulberry
Skin - Belleza- Ava Sk 10
Eyes - Amacci Look Eyes - Sage - Big (New from Skin Fair 2013)
Eyelashes - DiamondDust *REDGRAVE
Hair - Exile:: Meg:Maple
Accessory 1 - MANDALA Onigiri necklace/Charcoal
Pose -  !JK! Blowing Bubbles Pose and bubbles wand

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