#89 Vinyl 'Legal Insanity'

The incessant march of technology takes no prisoners: it’s either upgrade and adapt or rapidly become irrelevant. Such a mantra for modern times finds no better proving ground than in the music industry.  The digital revolution bringing to us, the ipod, the shuffle, the nano, all of these continue to make a major tectonic shift in the way music is listened to, distributed, and sold. 
But while digital sales account for 90% of all music, there is still nothing better than finding that old vinyl record.  Vinyl I think is more of an experience. When you pick up a piece of vinyl, you engage it, you think about it, you feel it, you see it, you have to care for it, place the needle on it, flip it over, you’re paying attention to it and it makes the experience of listening to it more meaningful, including dusting down the record player and listing to the sounds within the old grooves.
 Wearing this gorgeous new moxi dress from Legal Insanity,
I feel very much apart of the old Vintage Vinyl shop, and smile at the many old albums on the wall.
DestinationVintage Vinyl Records & Cafe
Dress - Legal Insanity - mox mini dress - metals - bronze (New)
Skin - Belleza- Shyla Sk 4
Eyelashes - ^;^Catwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #1
Hair - Magika [01] Now
Accessory 1 - Bens Beauty ::.. Rosana Necklace

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