#82 In a Dream - Augusta Creation

This imaginary place called Leroy in Secondlife, reminded me of some of my dreams.
My dreams would either be walking in a forest, running, and sometimes just talking to
people that I have never met before.
Do you know that everyone dreams, every single night!
 Yet some don't ever remember their dreams whilst others write down their every
 single dream to intrepret what it means.
Yet we tend to know so little about our dreams.

 I have been told that once you have an understandng of your dreams it has the power to unifty
the body, mind and spirit.
It provides you with insight into you own self

So what do you dream?
For more information visit this amazing landscape which is our destination for today,

Destination - [Leroy]

Outfit- Mistery**Augusta creation ** (comes with mask) Group Gift from Augusta Creations
Skin - -Belleza- Ava Sk Red 9
Hair - ::Exile:: Breathe Me:Rust
Accessory 1 - :FANATIK: Pagaia vintage bangle

Pose - *PosESioN* Walking Her 5 (available at the Relay for Life)

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