#65 ::.Cynful Shopping and broken glasses::.

After a long day spending lots of money at the shops, you could say I am feeling very Cynful.
Not to mention a little annoyed.
After brushing a little mud off my bike after all this rain,
I decided to take it for a ride and some idiot car driver didn't see me stop.
My sunnies did a spectacular sommersault right over my head where my bike edged forward and CRACK.
 Sigh.. and they were my good pair
So thought this was the perfect scene for today's RL event brought to you by our
destination for today:-

Top- [Cynful] V - Top - White 3/4 Arm
Jeans - Sn@tch Lyric Jeans
Skin - LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 03
Lips - Belleza- Ava SK Light Gloss Lips 2
Eyelashes - .::WoW::. Diva Lashes
Hair - *ARGRACE* Bella - Auburn
Accessory 1 -  Zaara : Atiriya stone bracelet *carnelian-silver*
Accessory 2 - *MLC* Dana  beige  : by Mohna Lisa Couture (and they aren't really broken)

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