#37 MOREA STYLE, Le Poppycock, and ::Exile::



Sitting on the bus stop bench, bag nearby. My eyes dart from left to right.

Who is that? Is he eyeing me up?  Just watch him from the edge my conscious says.

Sigh, One bus, two bus, three and more. They all roar by. Doors open, driver glances your way.

With a shrug, he's on his way. 
People bustle, scurry, prance and flitter past your stop.
Never noticed, never spoken to, a quiet observer of life's unending parade.
Soon the sun drifts below the brown bricks. The bus arrives, Sigh, wander home.
Tomorrow the show begins anew and the day at the life of the bus stop continues once again.
Maybe tomorrow will be different. Do you think?

Destination - .::GOATSWOOD::.

Outfit - Collection MOREA STYLE  - *  MAGALIE ROSE*
Hair -::Exile:: Raspberry Beret:Sable
Skin -Al Vulo- Eleonor* natural blonde brow claveage sun
Lipgloss - Blacklace Beauty Sticky LipGloss - Clear
Eyes -"MOJO* Blue eyes 101 Large
Eyelashes -Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
Nails -CCD - Long Nails + Ring L 10 - Sky - Purple
Accessories 1 - Tote from Le Poppycock
Accessories 2 - Miamai_Hide System Lashes

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