#18 Indyra, DeLa, and Angels Designs

With this fantastic backdrop at Indyra Originals Mainstore Clothes, and our destination today.

I am wearing this unique look from Angels Designs with my fabulous sunglasses from DeLa.

My aim today was to look like a city girl and it occured to me I really do miss the city.

I live and work about 2 hours from the city, and most of you would call it the country. Slow paced, lush suburbs, mountains on one side and ocean on the other and everywhere you have to drive and buses are limited.

However, in the city I miss the people, the crowds, everything being close, ie: departmental stores, and lots of jobs opportunities. I miss the nightlife, the restaurants and above all, the variety of entertainment that is available.

In the country everyone knows everyone, the people are friendly and genuine and relaxed and sometimes you get the feeling of a family environment wherever you go. People ask about your family, yourself and it makes you feel at home. They are genuinely concerned about you.

So today, I wanted to look like a city girl and imagine my life if I wasn't living in the country today. 
So what do you like City or Country?

Destination - Indyra Originals

Outfit - Angels Judgement from Angels Designs
Hair - >TRUTH< Madeline - sangria
Skin - [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ Lalli ] - [ shine milk ]
Makeup - LAQ ~ Makeup - Smokey eye
Lipgloss - Izzies - Lipstick Brown
Boots - BAX Prestige Boots Base Black Leather
Accessories 1  - DeLa = Sunglasses "RG1" Swirl Black lens on hea
Accessories 2 - JD Bracelet Swirl


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